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Alexander Antonin
(AKA Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical)

Warning: Highly toxic to morons.
Name: Alexander Antonin
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Birthdate: Nunyer beeswax
Bio: BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING, I JUST WANT TO STATE ONE THING: If you disagree with anything on this site, if you think ill of me for anything I say or anything I am, if you feel like emailing me to tell me how sick I am or how much help I need or what an asshole I am or anything else of that nature, then DO NOT CONTACT ME. ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU PLAN ON BEING CIVIL AND, IF NOT AGREEING WITH ME, AT LEAST BEING POLITE AND NOT JUDGING ME. If you choose to ignore this request, know that any emails or other contact I get from you will be marked as spam. This includes emails or other contact berating me for making my site look similar to LiveJournal... I LOVE LiveJournal, and the LeadJournal joke is NOT a joke on LiveJournal, but a self-depreciating jab at my own site.



My personality is that of an open-minded skeptic. I believe what makes sense to me, what feels right. To do this, I combine logic and reason with intuition and imagination. Mostly logic and reason when it comes to things about the physical world, and more into the intuition and imagination where the spiritual is concerned; but I always have logic and reason to help me define my beliefs and gnosis, no matter how spiritual or esoteric I am getting.

My philosophy fluctuates depending on my mood and on how much mixing of Faces is occuring from being fairly certain about how things in spiritual realms work (though always open to new data and ideas) to being a spiritual agnostic. "Spiritual agnosticism" is a philosophy in which one asserts that something beyond the physical realm must be true, but that the ultimate fallability of any perspective (especially the human ones) dooms us to never being sure whether our perspective on Truth is right or not. An example of a religion that has many adherents who are spiritual agnostics is Discordianism. Though the best times, I think, are when my philosophy is an equal mixture of "certainty" and spiritual agnosticism.

I can be a bit of a spiteful asshole when I'm angry at something, and I love being sarcastic. I also tend to find a lot to be angry about that. This is something I'm working on, though it's not turning out well, and I keep forgetting to remember to work on it. But I'm trying.

However, I am very nice to my friends when I comment, and I live in my real life (and trying to in my online life) by the following code: don't bully others with your opinion. By this, I mean that any time an expression of your opinion is a willfull act of abuse, annoyance, or harassment against someone, it is bullying that person with your opinion. This includes, but is not limited to: verbal abuse, sexual harassment, gay-bashing, racism, sexism, any kind of ethnocentrism, or any other kind of group-i
      For the most part, I try to live by that rule; I generally do not verbally attack someone unless they verbally attack me first. Thus, I have a tendency online to get dragged into flame wars. But I absolutely detest drama, and so I try to avoid it where possible. This is difficult for me online, because the restraints I place on myself are off. I'm attempting to put them back on by applying something from my real life that keeps me from getting into fights: selfish altruism. The term is a bit misleading with that name, so let me define it for you:

Selfish altruism = n. The act of being kind and understanding towards others at times when you feel like being anything but, in order to try to give others a favorable impression of you.
(If you have a better name for this definition, please let me know.) I am genuinely nice to people who I either like or have no negative opinion of, but at times when someone is a person I cannot stand or is behaving in a way I am getting angry with, I (when offline) engage my selfish altruism in order to not tarnish my reputation as a genuinely pleasant person. I have mastered this ability offline... in real life face-to-face dealings, it is very difficult to tell the difference between me being genuinely pleasant or selfishly altruistic.

I have two kinds of this selfish altruism: 1. The kind that engages when someone I usually like or have no negative opinion of is doing something I don't like. or 2. The kind that engages when I genuinely can't stand a person. This second form is much easier to spot, since it is much more difficult for me to be nice to someone I cannot tolerate. Though when other Faces get involved, it can be harder to spot if they don't have the same problem that I do with the person. About the only example I can think of for that second form of selfish altruism is in my dealings with Mr. and Mrs. Cottrell, former landlords of mine who eat at the place I work quite often. I genuinely loathe and detest them, and cannot generate a single milliamp of warmth or enjoyment from their company, nor an ounce of understanding or compassion for them. They are two of the few people whom I will laugh aloud when I hear they've finally died. Thus, the only way I can be selfishly altruistic towards them is by not speaking more than I have to, and draining all emotion from my face and voice.

There will eventually be more on this web site, but for now this is it. If you have any suggestions for content, let me know at my REAL blog.