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Major figures:

1. The Great Nameless Beast of the Hidden Places (AKA The Great Nameless Beast Whose Dreams Are Made Flesh, AKA Tagonbothuup, AKA Tagonbowadamuuf) It is absurd to think that any creator being could exist, in the sense of there being anything other than itself. Tagonbothuup is the unknown, unnamed sleeping entity, monster to the monsters, a beast made of both Primordial Hellfire and Primordial Void. It is a consciousness so immense and complex that not even the Seven Gods of Chaos, not even the Greater Gods of Hell, could communicate with It. Everything that exists, even the Void, is part of the Great Nameless Beast. It sleeps, and Its dreams are made flesh within itself. From Void to Hell to the Midgard Realms, we are all Its dreams and nightmares, with lives of our own. We believe The Great Nameless Beast gave us free will so It could find out as much about Itself through us. But beyond being thankful that It exists and dreams, we largely do not concern ourselves with It. We believe It neither wants nor needs worship or attention.

2. The Seven Gods of Chaos – Primordial Hell-Gods responsible for the creation of the universe, by tunneling into The Infinite Void from Hell, spreading Hellfire about and spawning many millions of children. The Seven take monstrous forms that the human mind could barely imagine, forms that are trans-dimensional and so wrong looking for our world that looking upon them would cause instant madness, if not death.

      A. Typhon – Father of monsters, Typhon is the God of Chaos responsible for the most Hellspawn in this universe. It is not known how Typhon really looked, but it was known He was so vast He could devour the entire solar system the way a whale devours a single krill. The other six of the Seven are unnamed so far.

3. The Seven Original Demon Gods:

      I. Lucifer – Demon God of Enlightenment, Compassion, Love, Knowledge, and Wisdom. Associated with air.

      II. Samael [shaam-eye-el] (AKA Satan or Satanas) – Demon God of The Challenge; Opponent; Challenges people to become better people, to improve themselves, and to become powerful Demons in their own right. Associated with fire.

      III. Leviathan – Demon God of the mighty power of nature, especially water. He represents the present moment, the immediate needs and desires of the flesh, and the beast within us all. Associated with water.

      IV. Belial – Demon God of the earth, its might, its power to either stabilize or shake. Associated with earth. Belial is slow to anger, usually quite peaceful and stable. But when he does finally get angry, he is a mighty force to be reckoned with, just like an earthquake.

      V. Amun – Demon God of life and reproduction. Associated with spirit.

      VI. Abaddon – Demon God of destruction, dark protective Father of His children.

      VII. Loki – Demon God of Chaos, Confusion, and Mischief. Works with Eris to challenge small minds to open by confronting them with things they cannot explain. Killed the secret traitor Baldur, got nothing but crap about it from the Norse.

4. The Seven Original Demon Goddesses:

      I. Eris (AKA Discordia) – Demon Goddess of Chaos and Confusion, challenges small minds to open by confronting them with things they cannot explain.

      II. Lilitu (Lilith) – Fierce winged warrior Demon Goddess of Freedom and Lust. Can be called on to protect women from rape, or for retribution for rape or other wrongdoing. A basic power Goddess for women. Associated with fire.

      III. Hekate – Demon Goddess of witchcraft, herbology, the moon, and the sky. Associated with air.

      IV. Na'amah – Demon Goddess of divination. Associated with water.

      V. Manea – Demon Goddess mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night. Associated with spirit.

      VI. Astarte – Demon Goddess of fertility, sexuality, and war. Associated with earth.

      VII. Kali – Demon Goddess of destruction, Dark Mother protector of Her children.

5. Ahriman – Greater God of The Void. Ahriman became much enraged at the defiling of His realm by the Seven Gods of Chaos, and tried to slay them in battle. But chaos and light will always defeat the darkness. Ahriman then tried to win by inventing Death. But Death cannot claim the soul, for the soul is made of Hellfire. Still, since most of the universe is darkness, Ahriman is a powerful God. Ahriman is NOT evil.

6. Yahweh the Silver-Tongued (AKA Yahweh Silver Tongue) – Demon of Ignorance, Stupidity, Greed, Apathy, Corruption, Jealousy, and Herd Conformity. The King of Lies, Yahweh rose up the ranks of power by convincing gullible mortals he was a powerful god. Since he depends on stupidity, gullibility, and fear to keep and expand his dominion, he is anathema to good Demons like Samael. Yahweh began life as a simple fire demon, taking the form of a burning bush. In fact, Yahweh had once been a jester in Lucifer's court, but had been caught in a tangled web of lies, bribery, and fraud. Lucifer did not approve of this behavior, and so cast him out, where he ran into Moses and took upon himself the role of the primary god of the Hebrews, Yahweh. Over time, Yahweh convinced his zealots to rid the Hebrew nation of all other gods and goddesses, until he was the only one left. He then later spread his power to Christianity and Islam, becoming both Jehovah and Allah. He also claimed Yeshuah ben Yosef as his own, the name becoming Jesus Christ. The real Yeshuah would be infuriated by this.

7. The Gatekeeper – The only Hell God still remaining in our universe, It sits at the gateway into Hell and keeps anyone from going in. It could potentially try to keep things from coming out, but It might not succeed.

8. Mortals who became Gods:

      I. Sutekh – A mortal who made himself into a Demon. He has ascended to the rank of King. A Demon of wind and sand and chaos, He stands as an example of what mortals can achieve with enough work.

      II. Nepthys – Wife, and twin sister, of Sutekh. She followed Her husband/brother on the xeper road and became a Demon Goddess at His side.

      III. Yeshuah ben Yosef – Yeshuah was a mortal High Priest of Lucifer, whose father before him was a High Priest of Lucifer. Yeshuah's mother Miriam was a High Priestess of Lucifer as well. In fact, Yeshuah was fathered under the light of the morning star while his father channeled the spirit of Lucifer, and Miriam channeled the spirit of Lilitu. Yeshuah spent his life spreading the word of Lucifer. His message of love, compassion, brotherhood, and the ability of mortals to become Lesser Gods threatened Yahweh, the Demon of Ignorance, Stupidity, and a bunch of other stuff. Thus, Yahweh wove his web of lies to convince others that Yeshuah had not been talking about Lucifer, but about him. Yeshuah became a Lesser God, as did his wife Miriam Magdalene. His power is weakened, however, by Yahweh's lies; most of the worship meant for him goes to Yahweh instead. Which is doubly insulting, because Yeshuah did not wish to be worshiped; he considered himself merely a guide to Setian Luciferian principles.

9. Ladon – Serpentine dragon that wraps itself around the base of the Black Flame, guarding it from being misused. Also known as Apophis or Apep.

10. Baphomet – Hermaphrodite Demon that brought humans up from mere animal to sophont status, with the help of Samael, using the Black Flame to transmogrify the weak spirit of the animal into the stronger spirit of a sophont. Animal spirits being mostly Void and only a little Hellfire, the Black Flame burned away a large portion of the Void, distilling the Hellfire of mankind's soul. (It is thought that this must have been done on other worlds, too, but it is not known for sure.) After this was done, Hekate and Na'amah had the same vision, a warning that giving creatures of flesh the souls of Demons would result in one of three possibilities:

      1. The beginning of a glorious new Aeon of thought, knowledge, compassion, and love spreading through the cosmos.

      2. The beginning of an Aeon of destruction, chaos, and evil that would spread across the cosmos.

      3. The extinction of the new creatures and possible death of the planet.

As a result of this vision, Ladon was set to guarding the Black Flame so that no more such creatures could be made, and so that the Black Flame could not be used to further distill the Hellfire of mankind's soul.     

Original Lesser Gods:

1. Lucifer

2. Samael/Satan

3. Leviathan

4. Belial

5. Amun

6. Abaddon

7. Loki

Original Lesser Goddesses:

1. Lilitu

2. Eris

3. Hekate

4. Kali

5. Na'amah

6. Manea

7. Astarte

Hermaphrodite or unclear gender:

1. Baphomet

Mortals ascended to Godhood:

1. Sutekh

2. (Find Set's wife, count her as one of these.)

Association pairs:

Air: Lucifer (light) and Hekate (darkness)

Fire: Samael (ego) and Lilitu (id)

Water: Leviathan (the present) and Na'amah (the future)

Earth: Belial (peace) and Astarte (war)

Spirit: Amun (the living) and Manea (the dead)


Setian Luciferian Statements

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>Setian Luciferian Figures/Entities<

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Why Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical?

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(If anyone knows who made it, let me know, so I can credit.)