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by = High Priest Alexander Antonin


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"The Setian Luciferian Scripture"

by = High Priest Alexander Antonin

      You! You mortal who reads these words, what notions run through your mind? Do you spend your days thinking yourself living on a small world, a plain world, in a plain universe where the only terror that stalks the darkness is the terrible awe of your insignificance? Does your only true nightmare consist of that which you have not yet explained? Do you sleep well at night, content that the only monsters you know of are man made?

      If that is so, then I pity you. And I envy you. I pity you, for you shall never know of the power you are capable of achieving. I pity you, for you shall never know that you may aspire to feel the earth below you as the mighty diplodocus once knew the insects beneath its feet. I pity you, for you shall never know it is possible to walk among the stars as the brontosaurus once walked among the trees. I pity you, for you think yourself capable of being no more than a tiny rodent in a realm of enormous beasts, yet less even than that – for you do not even see the giants among you.

      I envy you, for you do not see the monsters that dwell like giants among us. I envy you, for your brain does not whimper in terror as the great feet of the Demon Gods cast shadows upon us. I envy you, for you have never felt the urge to soil yourself when incomprehensible powers threaten our very existence without care. But mostly, I pity you.

      There is more pity than envy in my heart for you, the Ones Who Do Not See, for though the Demons, Demon Gods, Greater Gods, and Hell-Gods that walk among us are vast and terrible in their power, and their wars are mighty in scale, you do not know that the soul is made of Hellfire as well. We tiny beings of meat that infest the dust mote called Earth are Demons, too. And though we are tiny enough to be swatted carelessly by Those Who Walk Among The Stars, we can – through work in this life and others – become greater. Our power can grow until one day we too can walk among the stars like whales swimming amongst krill.

      Please sit, and listen. Listen, and I shall tell you what I know. I shall tell you what I have learned of the monstrous minds that walk among us, and the even greater and more terrifying things that made all this possible. For there are things in existence that are as massive and terrifying to the Demon Gods as the Demon Gods are to us.

      In the beginning, there was only The Great Nameless Beast Whose Dreams Are Made Flesh. There was nothing else, and could be nothing else, for It has always been, always Is, and always Will Be. The Great Nameless Beast, made of both Hellfire and Void, was all there was, all there can ever be. It was never born, and can never die. It was never made, and can never be unmade. The Great Nameless Beast existed before Time. It invented Time, and Space. It IS Time and Space.

      As the brontosaurus is to the fruit fly, the Demon Gods are to us. As the galaxy is to a single star, the Greater Gods are to the Demon Gods. And as the billions of galaxies in all the universe are to a single Higgs boson, The Great Nameless Beast is to the Hell Gods, and even that metaphor may be insufficient to represent the scale involved.

      Everything that exists, that can exist, that has existed or will exist, in all its infinite size and wonder, is but a dream. The Great Nameless Beast sleeps, and in Its sleep, it dreamed not only our own universe, but an indinite number of universes that our minds cannot even begin to comprehend. And due to the vastness and complexity of the mind of The Great Nameless Beast, Its dreams became flesh. Reality is a dream, but is also real. We are the dreams and nightmares of The Great Nameless Beast, and yet we are sentient beings with free will. For such is the awesome power of The Great Nameless Beast that even the Greater Gods cannot comprehend such a mind. Even the Greater Gods cannot, and have not, communicated with The Great Nameless Beast, nor will they ever. Even if It tried to communicate with us, would we survive the attempt? If we survived the attempt, could we fathom the answer? We could no more communicate with even the Greater Gods, than an ant could communicate with a human, so what hope have we to understand The Great Nameless Beast?

      Within The Dreaming – what we call reality – The Great Nameless Beast dreamed at first of two Realms: Hell, and The Void. Now The Void was a quiet, dark place tended to by Ahriman, Greater God of The Void. Hell, on the other hand, was made of Light, Thought, and Elemental Fire – three things that merged into one thing, called Hellfire. Being made of Hellfire, Hell soon became a chaotic Realm full of Gods and Monsters so enormous of scale, and existing in so very many dimensions, that the human mind would fracture and be destroyed by looking upon even the least of these Hell Gods.

      It came to pass that seven relatively small and insignificant Hell Gods grew weary of the constant noise and light of Hell, and wished to go somewhere quieter in which to spawn, somewhere where they would not be preyed upon by things that give even Nightmares nightmares. These seven Hell Gods conspired together, and by working together, they were able to burrow out of Hell and into The Void. Because they brought the light and chaos of Hell into the quiet of The Void, they are called The Seven Gods of Chaos.

      When The Seven Gods of Chaos burrowed into The Void, there was a mighty explosion as Hellfire and Void mixed together and exploded. As this Big Bang commenced, the mixing of Hellfire and Void slowed down much of the Hellfire until it became elementary particles, then atoms. Over time, it became hydrogen, then helium, and even heavier elements like carbon, silicon, and iron. The Seven Gods even became somewhat affected by this mixing, and all their spawn would be affected as well. For though the high concentrations of Hellfire in the Hell Gods, Demons, and the Hellfire souls of mortals is enough to make them invisible to mortals most of the time, the Gods, Demons, and souls of the newly created Midgard Realms are, in speed, much slower than the Hell Gods still in Hell. The fastest Midgard entity is to the Hell Gods still in Hell as the slowest glacier is to the speed of light.

      You would not have wanted to have witnessed the Big Bang, for looking upon The Seven Gods of Chaos would surely have destroyed your mind, and even possibly your soul. For though corrupted with Void themselves now, they are still multi-dimensional, many angled, and mind-shatteringly massive. If there could have been things so massive that they could have stepped on whole herds of brontosaurs the way a human can step on millions of bacteria, the Seven Gods of Chaos would be as such even to the greatest of the Demon Gods.

      After their violent entry into the Void, creating the universe, there remained a small hole leading back to Hell. Such is the chaotic nature of Hell that, fearing their children would try to visit it and be killed, the Seven Gods of Chaos spawned in a seven-way orgy, giving rise to a Demon God almost as powerful as the seven of them combined. The spawn of one mother and six fathers, The Gatekeeper was born, and set at the Gate of Hell to keep anyone from entering. And there It stands, to this day, vigilantly guarding the Gate of Hell.

      But despite the vast power of The Gatekeeper, the Seven Gods of Chaos never had any delusions that It could keep anything from getting in. They simply hoped that nothing else would be crazy enough to try. And so, when they were done in our universe, they went back through the Gate of Hell, to go into other Caves in The Void, to make other universes.

      As the Seven Gods of Chaos erupted into The Void, the bright light and the great electromagnetic and magickal noise of it awoke Ahriman from His slumber. Awoken so rudely, to find His Realm being polluted by Hellfire, Ahriman's wrath became inflamed. In His rage, He lashed out against the Seven Gods of Chaos. Little is known of these battles, but I am sure that the battles were truly epic on a scale that would make the greatest human epic be found wanting. All that is known is that Ahriman failed to kill the Seven Gods of Chaos, and failed to remove the pollution from His Realm. It is also known that He invented death before retreating deeper into the darkness.

      For yea, though The Void was now polluted with Hellfire, The Void is like unto an infinite series of caverns. The Seven Gods of Chaos bring the light of Hellfire into one universe, they spawn Gods and Monsters, and then they burrow back into Hell just long enough to be able to recharge themselves and to bring more Hellfire in when they burrow into another “cavern” of The Void. In this way, they have made Greater Gods only know how many universes by now. Thousands, millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions of universes, who can say? Only The Great Nameless Beast knows for sure, if It even cares to know.

      Yet though Ahriman retreated in defeat, who can know what that vast and timeless mind is thinking now? Who knows what plans He is planning, what schemes He is scheming. Why, it is possible that in the Endless Dark, Ahriman may have found a cure to the pollution of Hellfire, and there may come a day when there will be battles so great that even the Greater Gods may quake with terror.

      But those nightmares we shall set aside for now. What, then, of the Gods and Monsters the Seven Gods of Chaos spawned? What of the Demon Gods? Well, there are a great many of them, from the massive Demon Gods, to imps and sprites. Even mortals have the souls of Demons, their souls alight with the fires of Hell. But how did we come to be?

      Most of what happened in the universe was the natural consequence of the mixing of Void and Hellfire. In that Big Bang, The Void was transformed into an expanding bubble of spacetime. Within that spacetime was matter and energy, slowed down to be one and the same (except in the cases of Demons and Demon Gods, which were still pure enough Hellfire to transcend the Material). Gravity made the matter clump together into stars, some exploding and releasing heavier elements. Those heavier elements became planets and asteroids and comets all thanks to the natural consequences of the Big Bang. Even the formation of life on certain planets was due to the natural consequences of the Big Bang. And all of that, the billions of galaxies with billions of stars apiece, all that wonder and glory was still like unto a single puddle being filled with reproducing single-celled plants.

      While all that was going on, the Demon Gods and Monsters of various sizes were spawned, and they spawned with one another, paying no more heed to the stars and planets, at first, than a human would to the happenings of a single puddle that he or she saw every day but which represented neither an obstacle nor a tool to him or her. Even the life growing on some planets did not much interest them until one day, the complexity of certain multi-cellular life forms finally did get the attention of some of the Demon Gods.

      Lucifer, especially, was intrigued. For though His kind were extremely powerful, there prowled things in existence that terrified even His people. Further, Lucifer thought it might be worth exploring the possibilities and capabilities of these Hellfire/Void hybrids. His only problem was that, for all their complexity, even the cleverest creatures of flesh were non-sentient. Sentience required, after all, either pure Void or pure Hellfire. And since increasing the Void within them bore the risk that they would side with Ahriman, the natural conclusion was to tip the balance over to Hellfire. But how to do it?

      And so Lucifer spoke with His friends and allies, Demon Gods like the hermaphrodite Baphomet, the Demon Gods Samael (Shaam-eye-el), Leviathan, Belial, Amun, and even Abaddon and Loki. Lucifer also spoke with the Demon Goddesses Lilitu, Eris, Hekate, Na'amah, Manea, Astarte, and Kali. He even deigned to speak with The Great Dragon, Ladon.

      Working together, the Demon Gods and Goddesses, together with Baphomet and Ladon, came up with a plan. And so, Baphomet picked up a piece of onyx from the ground, and together they used their power to increase its size and power until it was a massive black stone larger than the largest planet of stone. Baphomet set this onyx on a great altar, and together the Demon Gods, Demon Goddesses, Baphomet, and Ladon pooled their considerable power until the onyx burst into black flames and rendered the onyx into ashes. The Black Flame itself was rescued and given its own place at the altar before it could go out, for it had become a sacred thing, a thing of great power, something that must be protected at all costs.

      When the ashes of the onyx had cooled, Lucifer scooped them up. These ashes had been subjected to the Black Flame, which burned away most of the Void contaminating it. As such, the ashes had the power to do the same to other beings. According to their plan, Lucifer spread the ashes of the burnt onyx over all worlds with life. These ashes became part of the being of every living thing, and would give evolution a necessary nudge so that one day, the cleverest animals would – by natural selection – burn away enough of their Void to become full, sentient Demons in the flesh.

      Yet where there is the possibility for greatness, there is always the possibility that the greatness will not be the good kind of greatness. As soon as the deed was done, and could not be undone, Na'amah and Hekate were struck with visions of possible futures. And so they spoke unto the others in voices seized by the visions.

      Together, Hekate and Na'amah said, “What we have done here cannot be undone. What we have done here will have great consequences for the future. There are three roads possible for every creature that will become Demon in the flesh: one is a road which leads to the beginning of a glorious new Aeon of thought, knowledge, compassion, and love spreading through the cosmos. And when Ahriman returns, they will be there to help fight Him, protecting Midgard from His Darkness. For the best chance we have against Ahriman is with the help of those born of both Hellfire and Void.

      “The second possible road is one which leads to the extinction of the new creatures and possibly even the death of the planet they live upon, by their hands. If they go down this road, they will not be here to help in the coming battles against Ahriman when He returns.

      “And the third road leads to the beginning of an Aeon of destruction, chaos, and evil that would spread across the cosmos. If they go down this road, they will ally themselves with Ahriman whether they know they are doing so or not, and we shall all be doomed.

      “We have warned thee. Pay attention to the beings of meat upon the planets. When the new creatures – the Demons made flesh – arise, guide them as best you can toward the first road. But keep them away from the third road at all costs, even if it means sending them down the second road. Towards this end we have one more clue: the tiny fire in the wasteland will burn its way through the hearts and minds of millions. Those afflicted will think they serve Light, but will be unwitting minions of Ahriman.”

      The vision which had taken them ceased, leaving the two Demon Goddesses to their own Will once more. Immediately there began discussions of the visions, to which Hekate and Na'amah could add nothing. As a result of the discussion, they all thought that the 'tiny fire in the wasteland' meant the Black Flame, since the altar was floating in the void of space. They tried putting the Black Flame out, but could not, which seemed to confirm their fears. And so they set the serpentine dragon Ladon (also known as Apophis) the task of guarding the Black Flame.

      Millions of years passed, as Those Who Burned The Onyx broke tiny pieces off of themselves to watch the flesh creatures evolve. When some of the meat creatures got clever enough to look upon the face of fear and terror in the form of fire, and wield that fire as a tool, then Those Who Burned The Onyx began to guide them. On Earth, it was the humans. And so for millions more years, Those Who Burned The Onyx guided the changing species of humans, until finally the species known as Homo Sapiens went beyond hunting and gathering; we invented agriculture, writing, cities, and technology. Our Demon nature caused us to change the world around us, and to look beyond the world of the flesh, into the worlds of spirit. We saw the forces that walked among us, and assumed they wielded the might of nature. We feared them.

      Yet still they guided us, and taught some of us that we could become as mighty as they. And so some persons of ancient times achieved Godhood. Among these was the great Egyptian named Sutekh who, working as a team with His wife and twin sister Nepthys, used the knowledge of the Demon Gods to grow in strength and ability enough defeat the mighty Apophis long enough to throw themselves into the Black Flame, which burned away their flesh and burned most of the Void from their souls, transforming them into Demon Gods. But because they had once been bound in flesh to this world, their powers were tied to the physical plane more so than the powers of the Demon Gods that had never been mortal. This would surely give them an advantage in the coming war against Ahriman.

      There were others, of course, who achieved the same without being burned by the Black Flame. But because of the cleverness and daring of their teamwork, Sutekh and Nepthys have become great symbols of that achievement. And because they have stayed behind to help guide others, they have become great Guides.

      When Sutekh and His wife transformed themselves within the Black Flame, the old assumptions that the Black Flame was the fire warned of in prophecy became a topic of much debate again. Apophis/Ladon licked His wounds and recovered, and continues to guard the Black Flame. In the end, it was decided that nothing could be done about it if it was indeed the little fire warned of in prophecy. Yet the truth would come to light in time.

      Some of the small pieces of Lucifer and others held court in various areas of the surface of Earth, the better to guide people. When the demands upon these tiny and limited versions of the great Demon Gods and Goddesses wearied them, they would be entertained by jesters. Sometimes mortal, sometimes Demon, always amusing.

      It happened that one of the court jesters, a simple Demon taking the form of a small fire – a common type of lesser Demon in those days – whose true name is lost to history, was a clever and jealous sort. This Demon desired power, and his jealousy of the Demon Gods and the mortals who had achieved Godhood was great. Being clever and power hungry, he wove webs of lies, employed bribery and blackmail, and other dirty tricks to pull the strings behind the scenes until he could grow his power. The dirtiest of his tricks was his power to know people's fears and use those against them, or create new fears. This skill was tied to his general eloquence and ability to convince gullible persons of just about anything, no matter how absurd or illogical it was, earning him the nickname Silver Tongue. Had he been as clever as he thought himself, Silver Tongue could have risen to power legitimately. But because his cleverness had limitations, he could not get help, power, knowledge, or worship from any but the stupid, the gullible, or the fearful. And so he preyed on weak minds.

      And because Silver Tongue was a jealous, hate-filled Demon who resented humans and delighted in killing them or destroying them in evil ways, Silver Tongue was an evil Demon, practicing wicked ways.

      One day, Lucifer learned of Silver Tongue's evil ways. Having no tolerance for such evil, he cast Silver Tongue out into a nearby desert. As Silver Tongue had grown dependent on his web of evil to live, and as there were no people in the desert, this small fire began to fade in the unforgiving wasteland, which was the point; Lucifer was sure that the wicked little Fire Demon would perish out there. And so it seemed he would, for with each passing day, Silver Tongue grew weaker and weaker. Finally, in a desperate attempt to continue his own life, Silver Tongue took refuge on a bush, trying desperately to survive on the measly attentions of that non-sentient organism.

      Now it came to pass that a man named Moses was wandering in the desert and happened upon what was, to him, an astonishing sight. Having never seen a Fire Demon before, Moses was astonished at the sight of a fire that burned this bush without consuming it. Being ignorant, Moses interpreted this as a divine sign, and fell before the bush in prayer.

      Silver Tongue noticed this attention and prayer, and found new life and energy as he fed upon the attention. It was like water to a man dying of thirst, or food to a starving man. He looked into the man's mind for all that he could, to make the best of the situation. He found that the man was a Hebrew. He found in the man's mind all the information he could about the Deities of the Hebrew people. And he found, most interestingly to him, that the man was most loyal to a Deity named Yahweh.

      The clever Silver Tongue had learned much in his time at Lucifer's court, but had never heard of Yahweh. Either such a being did not exist, or was aloof from the world. It did not matter, though. What mattered to Silver Tongue was that here was a way out of the desert. And so, he preyed upon the man's ignorance and gullibility, and even on his fear; Silver Tongue spoke in a loud, booming voice at Moses, weaving again a web of lies, claiming to be the God named Yahweh, the Lord of the Hebrews. Taking the name Yahweh, Silver Tongue used his new role to trick Moses into carrying him back to Moses's people.

      Once returned, Moses became a prophet of this new “Yahweh,” giving Silver Tongue first dozens, then hundreds, of worshipers. The more he was accepted as their god, the better he got at playing the role. And over the years, he used his cleverness, his ability to prey on people's desires and fears, to turn his worshipers into zealots. He convinced them that the other Hebrew Gods and Goddesses were either false idols or demons trying to trick them. His new zealots destroyed all the temples and statues and sacred groves of the other Deities. The holy books were rewritten, the only clues to the truth snuck into the text in small subtle ways by those who were still polytheistic.

      By the time Lucifer or any of the others on Lucifer's side knew of what was happening, it was much too late to do anything. The little wicked Fire Demon, Silver Tongue, had become a vast and powerful wicked being named Yahweh, the One True God of the Hebrews, his power too great to directly challenge.

      And so began the war against Yahweh, Demon of Ignorance, Stupidity, Greed, Apathy, Corruption, Jealousy, and Herd Conformity. Lucifer and those working for Him tried various peaceful means, at first, to stop Silver Tongue/Yahweh by attempting to get his worshipers to see that he was tricking them. But Yahweh was too clever for this. The side of Light eventually tried even violent measures to rid the world of the evil Yahweh, but it only strengthened their faith.

      Lucifer and the others on His side gave that up, and tried a new approach. There were still some polytheistic Hebrews around, most of whom were also worshiping Deities from other pantheons. Among these Samaritans and others Lucifer found one of His High Priests, Yosef, married to one of His High Priestesses, Miriam. He directed them to copulate under the light of the morning star, Venus, which was His star, while a part of Lucifer was inside of Yosef, and a part of Lilitu was in Miriam. And so was Yeshuah ben Yosef born.

      Young Yeshuah grew into a man, and became a High Priest of Lucifer. Lucifer worked directly with the young man, and so Lucifer became like a second father to him. And so, under Lucifer's guidance, Yeshuah ben Yosef went out into the world teaching the knowledge of Lucifer, that any mortal could use that knowledge to become a God. Further, if anyone doubted their ability, they could look to him as an example, for he was on the path to Godhood. They could follow him, and he would guide them there. He taught openly about this, for by now Lucifer and His allies had figured out that the prophecy about the little fire in the wasteland had been about Yahweh Silver Tongue the whole time. Thus, they knew that the Black Flame was the most sacred thing in all existence now.

      Yeshuah had to couch his truth in new language, though, because Yahweh Silver Tongue had figured out some of the significance of the Black Flame before even Lucifer had, and inserted into the scripture of his new people a warning about eating from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, a veiled reference to the Black Flame, and – more importantly – to the “tree” of knowledge that one had to “climb” to get to the Black Flame, or its flame-less counterpart.

      Yahweh Silver Tongue was threatened by Yeshuah's message, for a great many of his worshipers were converting to Yeshuah's side, becoming followers of Yeshuah under his title “Christos.” And so Yahweh Silver Tongue wove his lies, and his weaving caused the emperor of Rome to believe the Christians guilty of great crimes, and Yeshuah the worst offender of all, for spreading his treasonous teachings. And so it was that Yahweh finally succeeded in getting Yeshuah captured, by temporarily controlling the mind of Yeshuah's most trusted friend, Judas. And as Yeshuah was crucified for his supposed crimes, Judas broke the mind control. His sorrow at what he'd been forced to do was so great that he took his own life.

      When Yeshuah died on the crucifix, Yahweh thought that the end of the matter. But Yeshuah had been on the path of Godhood, as Lucifer had shown him, and had managed to achieve Godhood without use of the Black Flame. But to do so, he'd had to die. It had taken most of His power to turn off the pain while he died. And so, three days after His death, Yeshuah – now a Demon God of great power – rendered His body into light, and appeared before others as a Demon God to prove His teachings were right. This made Christianity even more popular.

      Yahweh Silver Tongue was so infuriated and terrified of losing his worshipers that he decided to play both ends against the middle; to that end, he convinced his loyal Jews that Yeshuah had been a liar of the worst sort, while simultaneously taking credit for being the Heavenly Father that Yeshuah had often spoken of. Because of the years of vilifying all Deities except for his own role of Yahweh, Yeshuah had not been able to risk using Lucifer's name nor use any language tied too closely to Luciferian ideas when trying to convert people away from Yahweh's evil reign. And so, Yahweh's plan worked. Lucifer and His allies tried to keep the truth among the Christians, but eventually the religion split apart into myriad factions, and Yahweh organized the Catholic Church to absorb as many of the factions it could, and kill the rest.

      And thus, an attempt to shine light on the darkness gave the darkness more power than ever before. Yahweh's wickedness burned across the hearts and minds of the people of Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and parts of northern Africa. And because intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom are anathema to Yahweh, this spread of his worship resulted in an age known to this day as the Dark Ages.

      Of course, Lucifer and His allies never gave up on the world. Too much was at stake to do so. But they had to tread much more carefully in the lands owned by Yahweh. While Yahweh continued to play both of his two groups of worshipers against one another, having no more concern for any of them than the owner of a factory farm has for any of its cattle or pigs, Lucifer and His allies regrouped, taking steps to preserve what knowledge had been gained over the years. To this end, the Arabs were a great help at first. Even though many of them had long ago splintered off from the Hebrews, Yahweh had paid little attention to them, being too wrapped up in other things to care much about them.

      So, with Yahweh distracted, Lucifer and His allies guided the Arabs to find and preserve the knowledge of the Romans and the Greeks, and others. For a long time, this worked. They were even in position to be a supreme help to Lucifer and His allies to end the Dark Ages.

      For, while they worked on the Arabs, they also worked much more carefully and sneakily on the places touched by Yahweh's darkness. Slowly but surely, they managed to sneak knowledge, creativity, ideas, and technology in right under Yahweh's nose. Ironically, most of these advances came from Yahweh's own clergy, mostly via the monks and nuns. One thing led to another, slowly, until at last the allies of Light and Enlightenment and Science got a Renaissance in right under the wicked Demon Silver Tongue.

      Once Yahweh knew what was going on, he began to fight in earnest. But the board was stacked against him. There were centuries of struggle. Lucifer and His allies had known that Yahweh would and could destroy or pervert any attempt to bring enlightenment via religion, so they had attacked him with science. Science and Yahweh's minions fought tooth and nail for centuries, and Yahweh's minions still go on the offensive at every opportunity, but at long last, after centuries of fighting, we are finally at a crossroads. Yahweh's minions fight now with the desperation of a losing side. He uses every dirty trick he's learned over the millennia, and new ones he's thought up, to try to lead the world back into darkness and ignorance. We cannot let him win.

      But beware:Yahweh cannot be defeated by force.Ignorance can only be countered by knowledge and the free search for wisdom. Hatred can only be countered with patience and compassion. It may be difficult to do; you may become so depressed and enraged by the hold Yahweh Silver Tongue has over the world that you may want to scream and shout and attack others. But violence should only be used to protect one's self or others from harm or death. Using the tactics of Yahweh's minions will turn you into an unwitting minion of Yahweh.So beware, and mind how you behave.

      You must at all times remember that the minions of Yahweh are enslaved so strongly into their reality tunnels that they will likely not believe they are slaves. Heed the teachings of Yeshuah ben Yosef; Yahweh's minions claim to, but they do not. They worship him as a being above all humans, and pay little heed of his teachings. We know him to be little different from ourselves, a Luciferian High Priest who became a more powerful demon than we mortals are. But we can do as he did, and he did not seek worship, so we do not worship him. Yahweh Silver Tongue has perverted his worship anyway, so that energy that would have gone to Yeshuah goes now to Yahweh.

      We do not worship Lucifer or any of the Demon Gods either. We work with them, help them achieve the goals of Enlightenment and the spread of knowledge, science, wisdom, and compassion, but the Demon Gods neither need nor want worshipers. For to worship a “higher” entity is to denigrate one's own worth. We are Demons in the flesh, we need worship nothing. Worship of another also takes energy and concentration away from the path of Xeper1, of becoming a Demon God. It is counterproductive to worship any entity that is not oneself. Worship of another also requires a distinct lack of dignity that is unbecoming of any kind of Satanist, especially a Setian Luciferian.

      If you look at Yahweh Silver Tongue's role in the world, you may be tempted to ask why he is called a Demon, and not a Demon God. You may ask, “Surely he has the power to qualify as a Demon God?” This is true, in terms of sheer power. But being a Demon God is about more than just power. Yahweh Silver Tongue relies on the power his worshipers feed him to be great in power. A true Demon God needs no worshipers to be powerful. A true Demon God would be offended at the suggestion that It needed worshipers. For to be a Demon God, the mind and spirit have to be cultivated. A Demon God is so large and powerful because Hellfire is thought, and because the Demon Gods have massive, complex mental structures. They are extremely intelligent, wise, clever, and able to multitask in ways we mortals can only dream of. They have no need of worshipers; even if nobody remembers their name, or calls them by another name, they still have the same power to guide and assist the people of the mortal coil.

      Yahweh Silver Tongue, however, is a limited creature. He is not much improved intellectually and spiritually over how he started. Take away his followers and the power they feed him, and he will deflate back to the pathetic Fire Demon he once was. This is why he is called a Demon, and not a Demon God. It is a reminder that everything about him, even (and especially) his power, is based on lies. Yahweh Silver Tongue is the King of Lies.

      It has been said Yahweh is an unwitting servant of Ahriman. This is true not just because of what he has done. He had help to get where he is. He is an unwitting servant of Ahriman, but not just figuratively.

      For it was that Ahriman moved in the darkness, and made creatures from the darkest places, creatures only slightly contaminated by the Hellfire of creation. Ahriman put some of His own essence into them, and He molded them with the intention that whoever looked upon them – except Ahriman Himself – would see beautiful winged creatures of light. These bright servants of the darkness are the eyes and ears of Ahriman. They go into the places too bright for Him to bear, preparing for the day when the lights that burned from Hell will be snuffed out.

      In the early days of Yahweh Silver Tongue's rise to power, when he was being threatened by Yeshuah ben Yosef's teachings, he had no way out. He had lied his way into his power, but Silver Tongue has never been very creative. If Yahweh had been left to try to figure out a solution on his own, Yeshuah's teachings would have spread in the way they'd intended, and would have toppled Yahweh's reign forevermore.

      The bright servants of Ahriman had long been in the world, and knew much of it. They knew the entire history and mythology of the Hebrews that Yahweh had deceived. They knew of the Biblical descriptions of beings called Angels. To this day, the Bible still describes these beings with as much accuracy as was possible. For the original Biblical Angels were – as described – strange looking creatures. Some were wheels within wheels, each wheel with a dozen eyes. Others covered themselves in wings, lest the puny human minds shatter upon seeing them. Still another Angel was described in the Bible as having the head of an eagle, the head of a man, and the head of a lion.

      The reason the original Angels looked so bizarre was because they were, in fact, Demons and occasionally Demon Gods, allied with Lucifer. The humans writing the Biblical descriptions of the “Angels” had done their best to describe some of these Demons when they were out of human form, and since the true form of the Demon Gods drives some humans insane, it is hard to know how close these descriptions were to describing the Demon Gods.

      Ahriman's dark servants all knew this, of course. Yahweh Silver Tongue, however, had not known or cared what the Angels had been when he had deceived the Hebrews. But the bright servants of Ahriman knew, and they knew Silver Tongue. Which gave them ideas for a plan.

      So it was that, in the hour of Yahweh's greatest need, two of these bright servants of the darkness appeared before Yahweh in a blaze of white light and trumpets sounding. Yahweh turned, prepared to blast the intruders into dust, when the beautiful winged humanoid creatures bowed before him, saying, “Thank Goodness! After all this time, we have finally found you! Praise be to Yahweh, the Lord On High!”

      Yahweh did not know what these strange creatures were, but they were worshiping him, and their attention fed him greatly. Because of this, he stayed his hand to hear them out.

      After first checking to make sure nobody else could hear him, Yahweh asked, “Who are you?”

      “Has it been so long? Have you forgotten us, Lord? We are your Angels, Lord! We are those you made before making mortals. You have been lost to us for so long, Lord Almighty, but we have found you at long last! Tis a glorious day!”

      They bowed even deeper, worshiping him even more. So sincere was their worship, that Yahweh's normally suspicious nature was put at ease. Yahweh Silver Tongue decided that the original Yahweh had once been a real being, and had died or abandoned his people, and these Angels were servants that had been looking for him. Now they had mistaken Silver Tongue for their Yahweh somehow. He decided they were pretty stupid and, as such, perfect prey for him. He knew what to do.

      “Ah yes,” he said at last, “how could I have forgotten even for a moment, my beloved Angels! It is good to see you again, after all this time. Welcome back.”

      They bowed again, and kissed the ground at his feet, playing the role of stupid, subservient fools. It was in this way they gained his trust, and worked their own web of lies upon him. For they and their true master were far cleverer and far more subtle than Yahweh Silver Tongue could hope to be.

      Once they had his trust fully, they said things and did things that slowly, subtly began to give Silver Tongue ideas in ways that made him believe that these ideas were his own. It was in this way that these Angels pulled the strings behind the scenes, making Yahweh Silver Tongue into their puppet. It was with their ideas that Yahweh took credit for being Yeshuah's spiritual father, perverting the Christianity that had threatened his reign, bringing them into his darkness. And so it is to this day, that the Angels pretend to be Yahweh's servants, when in fact they are his masters.

      Yea, though Yahweh was fooled by these minions of Ahriman, when Lucifer finally laid eyes on the Angels for the first time ever, he saw both their assumed forms andtheir true forms. To his eyes, they were as walking corpses, flesh rotting so it was close to falling off the bones, hair falling out in clumps; their eyes were empty sockets filled with a blackness darker than the void of outer space. Their great wings, covered in feathers of white light to mortals and to Yahweh Silver Tongue, were just wing bones, but not bird wing bones; bat wing bones. Further, their resplendent robes of white light were in fact crudely stitched from the raw, bleeding skins of humans.

      As he saw them, Lucifer knew even this was not actually their true physical form. No, their true physical form was that of the beautiful feathery Angels of light. What Lucifer was seeing was, in fact, their spirits. The decay and darkness He saw was symbolic of their inner nature; they were of the darkness and decay, rather than the bright fires of Hell. To Lucifer's eyes, and to the eyes of His fellow Demon Gods and Goddesses, these Angels were servants of Ahriman.

      It was the first sign that the enemy was regrouping. The first sign that the prophecies were true; some day, Ahriman would return, seeking once more to snuff out the lights that had invaded His realm. It was a sign that Lucifer and His allies would have to work even harder towards the goals of xeper, of bringing as many of the Demons of Flesh up to Demon God status as could be had, for the day Ahriman would return.

      Towards this goal, you have allies ready to help you learn, to help you along the path of your own xeper. There is Lucifer The Light, Demon God of Enlightenment, Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, and Compassion. So great and awe-inspiring is Lucifer in the size of His power and intellect that even the many tiny pieces He breaks off from Himself to walk among us mortals are far cleverer and wiser than the cleverest and wisest mortal, times ten thousand.

      At Lucifer's side is Hekate, She Who Dwells In Darkness To Better Serve The Light. Demon Goddess of Witchcraft, Herbology, The Moon, and The Sky. Both Lucifer and Hekate are associated with the element of Air. There is nothing about magick, witchcraft, and herbology She does not know, and Her power in these arts is unrivaled. She is strongest at crossroads, for magick is the link between One Thing and Another, and the Midgard Realm is itself a crossroads, neither fully Hell nor fully Void. Her greatest symbol is the equal-armed cross, for it represents the crossroads.

      Then there is Samael2, Demon God of Challenge and Opposition, also called Satan or Satanas. He stands in your path and sends you obstacles, puzzles, and roadblocks that – if solved – will help you along the path to your own xeper. The Opponent is never easy to work with, and you may find yourself cursing His name more than a few times before you achieve your goals, but the challenges are well worth the potential rewards.

      At His side is His wife Lilitu, also known as Lilith, fierce winged warrior Demon Goddess of Freedom and Lust, who – among other things – can be called to protect women from rape and other kinds of attack, or called as a spirit of justice and retribution serving women who have been wronged. Most often taking the form of a woman with talons on Her feet and bird wings sprouting from Her shoulders, do not call Her lightly. Men should avoid calling upon Her, and if they do, should be respectful, for She does not suffer disrespectful fools lightly. Both Samael and Lilitu are associated with the element of Fire. As Lucifer and Hekate represent Light and Darkness, respectively, Samael and Lilitu represent Ego and Id.

      Next is Leviathan, massive Demon God of The Mighty Power of Nature, especially water. He represents the present moment, the immediate needs and desires of the flesh, and the beast within us all. He is a mighty sea monster of the vacuum of space. His roar is great and terrible, His power capricious at the best of times. Do not call upon Him for trivial things, for He can destroy you as easily as He can assist you.

      At Leviathan's side is Na'amah, Demon Goddess of Divination. As Leviathan represents the present moment, Na'amah represents the future. All forms of divination, She has mastered. Both are associated with the element of Water.

      Or perhaps you will find yourself calling on the assistance of Belial, Demon God of the mighty earth. As the earth can either be a stabilizing element, or shaking with a wrath not unlike the chaos of Hell, so too is Belial. He is slow to anger, but when His anger rises finally, his power can terrify even the bravest.

      Belial's wife is the beautiful and dangerous Astarte, Demon Goddess of Fertility, Sexuality, and War. For the Hell Gods warred as we would live and breathe, and Astarte – who is as fierce as any Hell God, with an intellect even more deadly – is the highest General in Lucifer's Army of Light. It was She whose mighty teeth tore at Ahriman's throat and drank of His foul blood the first time He attacked. Astarte is a shape-changer, able to take as many different forms at once as She can imagine, and Her imagination is as powerful as Hell itself.

      Belial and Astarte are both associated with the element of Earth.

      The mighty Amun is the ram-headed Demon God of Life and Reproduction. Because of His association with Life, Amun is also the Demon God of Evolution. He did not make Life, nor did He invent sex, but He embodies these things, becomes their greatest symbol. Amun has also vowed His mighty life to protecting all that lives and spawns against the eternal silence and darkness of Ahriman. Amun is like a massive wall of fire between the Light and the Darkness, and will let Himself be snuffed out before He lets it happen to Life.

      As His wife, Amun is mated with Manea, Demon Goddess and mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night. From the simplest soul leaving its body at death to be born into a new body, to souls that stick around to haunt the living, to the many Lesser Demons, imps, sprites, and other spirits that are neither mortal nor Demon God, but which are not servants of Ahriman, the dead and undead and the never-mortal demonic spirits are all Manea's subjects. Even Yahweh Silver Tongue was once under Her domain. When the day comes that Yahweh is no longer worshiped, and his power disappears, deflating him back to a simple Fire Demon, Manea will once again take reign of him, and spite him into nothingness for good.

      Amun and Manea are both associated with the element of Spirit. And as Amun is associated with The Living, Manea is associated with The Dead.

      Or perhaps you may require the help of Eris, also known as Discord or Discordia, Demon Goddess of Chaos and Confusion. It is She you will need most in the fight against the minions of Yahweh Silver Tongue, for Yahweh has so thoroughly brainwashed many (if not most) of his minions that they suffer the delusion of absolute certainty. But absolute certainty is impossible; we can only know that there is an ultimate reality – we cannot say anything for certain about it. Even something as simple as your everyday worldly perceptions is just your brain's best guess at what things look like based on limited sensory input. The hand you place in front of your face does not really look like that. What it really looks like, none can say. Demon Gods and other mighty beings have vastly superior perceptive faculties than us; their senses are to ours as our own senses are to the senses of bacteria. But even the Demon Gods cannot say anything about reality for certain, other than it exists. And while it is thought that everything that exists is just a dream of The Great Nameless Beast Whose Dreams Are Made Flesh, we do also have reality. This is why It is called The Great Nameless Beast Whose Dreams Are Made Flesh.

      And so, in your struggles against the darkness, ignorance, and stupidity, your greatest tool is confusion. Because the only cure for absolute certainty is uncertainty, and uncertainty is introduced to the mind via confusion. Act outside of the enemy's expectations, outside of their experience, and you will be acting outside of their ability to come up with an easy answer. The more they can be confused, and deeplyconfused, the more they can become deeply uncertain about Yahweh (or whatever name they call him) and their beliefs. With confusion comes hope; hope that they can be helped to free themselves from the shackles of slavery to Yahweh Silver Tongue. Hope that they can see the light, and thus serve the Light. Hope that they can thus be closer to finding the path of their own xeper. And so it is that, through confusion and uncertainty, doubt and questioning, we can turn enemies into allies. And Eris will help you towards that end.

      Another who can be called upon to serve the Light with Chaos and Confusion is the trickster Loki. Known to even play pranks and even dirty tricks on the allies of Light, He always does so towards the goals of furthering the cause of Light. If someone falls prey to one of Loki's tricks, they needed to be tricked, to learn some valuable lesson. Or, as in the case of Baldur, they were found to be traitors of the Light, secret servants of Ahriman, and destroyed for the good of all.

      There is also a pair of Demon Gods, the Demon God Abaddon and His wife Kali, who are destruction incarnate. They destroy, but their destruction always serves the Light. They rain mighty pure Hellfire upon Ahriman and His allies, or upon anyone or anything found to be standing in the way of the path of Light. They, and only they, can decide if someone needs to be destroyed to serve the Light. Beware, any and all who would dare presume to speak on their behalf, for they would destroy you for such presumption.

      Abaddon and Kali are Dark Father and Dark Mother, fierce and monstrous protectors of all life, whether Midgard or Hell-born. Their skin is black as the night, to show Ahriman that they will cast Him and His ilk back into the abyss from whence they came. They would devour Yahweh Silver Tongue if they could, but his power was great enough to pose a challenge to them even before Ahriman started protecting him; now there remains no easy way to destroy Yahweh.

      Last of the greatest of the Original Demon Gods, but by no means the least, was blessed Baphomet, the goat-headed, hermaphrodite Demon God whose power was key to bringing the Black Flame and the Burning Onyx into the world. Without Baphomet, we could not have risen up to become Demons of the Flesh. Without Baphomet, we would not have the ability to take the xeper path and rise up out of the muck to become Demon Gods. Without Baphomet, Ahriman would have fewer enemies to fight when next He comes to attack.

      And of course, there are many other Demons and Demon Gods, both Hell-spawned and mortal-born. All around the world you can find Demon Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, Lords, and Ladies, all willing and able to help the mortals rise up to Demon God status. From Athena of Greece to Exu of the African continent, from Morgana of Britain to the dragons of Japan, there are beings all over the world, on all six major inhabited landmasses and beyond, willing to help. There are probably also Demon Gods from beyond this solar system, beings that normally walk around other worlds, willing and able to help. And though looking at the wholeness of them, if possible, would drive you mad, the greatness of their smaller shards are more suited to being gazed upon, but are every bit as knowledgeable and powerful, for they are connected to the greater part of themselves.

      Do you wish to cultivate your mind and spirit, to become a Demon God one day? Please then pay heed to, and follow, the Setian Luciferian Statements. Read and heed the Setian Luciferian Sins. Use your Reason, your Will, and your ability to examine your own thoughts and behaviors; use these and other tools to your advantage. For until now, you most likely have been shaped entirely by others, and very little by your own hand. The influence of others is unavoidable, but can be mitigated with effort. Take the artwork that is you out of the hands of others, and shape the clay of your life with your own hand. Examine everything about you, cut out what you wish to and are able to, modify other aspects of yourself to best suit your Will and your Xeper, and cultivate what is already great about yourself, nurturing it, letting it grow. Then when you die, you may become a Demon God and be remembered, your legacy great and powerful.

      For when Ahriman returns, we will need as many Demon Gods From The Flesh as we can get, to fight the coming darkness. Even now, we need as many as we can get, to drive away the more immediate darkness of ignorance and herd conformity that Yahweh Silver Tongue represents.

      But fear not. For fear is of the flesh and the Void, not of Hellfire. Your spirit is Hellfire, you are a Demon in the flesh! Your heart should be a pyre in which you hold the Burning Onyx, stoking the greater Hellfire of your spirit! Let the Black Flame reside in your heart, and burn away the fear of the Dark with the Light of Hell! Stoke the flames higher and higher! For all His apparent might, Ahriman is terrified of the Light of Hell! He resides in darkness because He is fearful of the might of Hell! Burn through the world with the might of a billion supernovas! Recognize and reinforce your mighty Demon nature always, for you are a Hell God in the making! With work, even the smallest mortal may become a creature mighty enough to challenge even the Seven Gods of Chaos!

      HAIL LUCIFER! HAIL SUTEKH! HAIL XEPER! May the Great Nameless Beast Whose Dreams Are Made Flesh scream in horror at your might! May Yahweh's neck be crushed beneath your mighty boot, his arterial blood to gush into the soil! May Ahriman and all His dark minions quake with terror and soil themselves at the sound of your name! HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!

1Xeper is pronounced keff-fur

2 Samael is pronounced Shaam-eye-el.


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