Don't be alarmed. Don't turn around. They have cameras everywhere, you want to appear as though nothing is wrong. You're calm now? Good. We need to overthrow them, of course, those bastards with their cameras in our bathrooms. You do want your personal freedom back, right? Well if that's the case, there's only one thing left to do. You have to help me fight them. I'll supply everything you need, all you have to do is pick up some items and deliver them to a friend of mine, so they can't trace it back to me. I have money and power, but I can't work out in the open or they'll arrest me on some trumped-up charge. Just meet me at the corner of Adams and Webster at midnight on the 23rd. Wear a rain slicker and keep a salami in your right pocket. This way, I'll know you haven't been followed. If it's too dangerous for me to come meet you, I will make a bird call. If you smell feces, don't be alarmed... it's the only thing that throws off their cameras.

If I don't show up on time, and you don't hear a bird call, then that means I have been caught and am probably dead. Just drop the salami and walk casually away. My friend will know this is the signal that we failed. My heir will take over my job in the case of my death.