The Lady's Prayer

Our Mother, who aren't in Heaven (well, She may be, or elsewhere, but heck if we know where She may be at any given time),
Hollowed be Thy name. We shall celebrate you on Hollow-ween with Hollow Weenies.

From Kingdom come, (oh so much coming!)
Our will will be done, {fire at Will!} (Poor Will!)
on Earth or in the Heavens or anything in between.

Give us this day our daily dough,
for money is the root of much Good.

Forgive us our trespasses, keep the cops off our back when dost we trespass on secret government compounds and such,
And we shall grudgingly forgive those who trespass against us.
(Unless they steal something, or make us feel scared. Then we shoot {at} the bastards.)

And lead us into temptation,
(for if we avoid temptation when young then it will avoid us when we are old)
yet deliver us from evil
(like prosylatizers and Spam).