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About Dark Marionette.*

      Hi, this is Dark Marionette. My username on LiveJournal is luciferian_chic, though that was supposed to be luciferian chick. My proper name is Lolita Leigh Smith. Don't bother looking it up, it's my name but it's not the body's name. The body's name is Tristan Arts. I am a Gothic Pagan/Luciferian and a Goth. A Goth with a sense of humor.

My Spirituality

      Anyway, so I'm Lo. I'm the inner Goth. I like the Gods Set, Satan (as The Opponent), Lucifer (as the God of Enlightenment), Loki, and Shiva. I like the Goddesses Lilith, Oya, Eris, and Kali. As you can probably guess from this list, I am a Dark Pagan to some extent, though I prefer the term "Gothic Pagan." I won't have any of this "grey" Pagan stuff. I am both Light and Dark, not grey. At heart, I am probably best described as "a Goth and a Pagan with a sense of humor." I am a Discordian.

      I am also a Luciferian and a Setian, though I am not yet a member of the Temple of Set, nor do I think I ever shall be, unfortunately. I'm too cheap and besides, I don't have the money. Furthermore, the others in this body are already otherwise affiliated.

My Philosophy
Luciferianism to me
My Online Altar

What is Goth to Me?

      As to my Goth-ness, I do not often get to dress in full Goth regalia. I might get to more often later, but that's limited right now. Besides, being a Goth is not about how you dress, but how you think. People who dress Goth but are just trend-followers are not really Goths. To be a Goth you have to have a fascination with the darker and mysterious aspects of life. You also have to be a free-thinker, challenging not only the beliefs and behaviors of others but your own beliefs and behaviors. And you gotta have a sense of humor. Those mope-a-lot spooky kids are the bane of Goth culture.

My Multiplicity

      I am a mid-continuum multiple. The explanation is here.

My Art

      As you can see, this site contains example of my photographic art, all done by digital camera and edited with JASC Paint Shop Pro 9. I only had that program because it came with the computer, but I LOVE it!

      I also do poetry and writing - well, all of us do in this body - and all of me wants to be a famous author some day. Other things I do is draw, and I have done work in ceramics, found-object art, and painting. But I like drawing, writing, and photography most of all.

A great place to get to know me more is at my blog.

©2006 Lolita Leigh Smith /
Tristan A. Arts

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a mid-continuum multiple. I do not have a full-blown case of Disassociative Identity Disorder... I'm just one person with many Faces that each feel almost completely like other people.
If you can't see past this fact, then please go away.