What is a Luciferian?

Not sure who made these, but it wasn't me ©2006 Lolita Leigh Smith Not sure who made these, but it wasn't me

(This picture was done by starting with a close-up picture of my face and using the warp brush and clone brush to make it into a painting.)

      Anyone who tries to define a religious path like Luciferianism is bound to fail, because it means so many things to so many people. One could try to point at others who are Luciferians in an attempt at definition, but what you end up getting is everyone passing the buck until the confusing path finally takes you to someone who is finally ready to define it... and ends up giving you a wrong impression of the religion or tries to dogmatize the rules.

      Spirituality is naturally a very personal set of experiences, and the problems arise from trying to define spiritualities. That is, ultimately, what religion is: a spirituality forever defined. Yet trying to define a spirituality forever inevitably drains the religion of spirituality; people get so caught up in the details of belief that they forget how to intuit the Truth. In many cases they even forget that they can.

      So I guess I can only define what Luciferianism is to me. So I will do that. Luciferianism is, to me, all about finding the Spirit of Enlightenment via the intuition of your own heart. Read the words of others if you like, to see where the paths of others have taken them, but in the end you can only listen to your heart. I said that the way I did because it is true:
you can only believe what your heart says is true. This can lead to a lot of confusion for many, since it is so hard sometimes to hear your heart, to listen to your soul. The details do not matter as much as whether or not you're following your heart.

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