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(This picture was taken in a graveyard, hence the cross. Though I don't think the Christians should be the only ones allowed to use the cross, considering it's a symbol that's been around for the whole history of humanity.)

The Many Luciferian Statements

To me, Lucifer represents:

1. Living life to the fullest, by not worrying about how the future will turn out or even about how the present is shaping up. Acknowledge your circumstances and work to improve them if you want, and plan for the future, but know that worry solves nothing.

Having reason, logic, and an open mind and heart in one's spirituality, and the belief that anything is possible.

Wisdom and enlightenment as a process, not a destination. Even Lucifer is in this process.

Having ideas, but not beliefs. Beliefs being the one thing most humans will kill or die over, it is not advised to have beliefs.

That something is true beyond this physical plane, and it can be known, but as with any science, things change. Thus, dogma is discouraged. "When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases." - R. A. Wilson

Respect for all life forms - causing them no needless hurt or cruelty - because we are all interconnected. It is not wise to chance what might become of your own survival by harming the environment of which you are a part (in this case, Earth.)

Not doubting your abilities, for you are capable of becoming as the Gods themselves. Even the Christian Bible says we are made in the Gods' image, which means we are young Gods, not fully grown.

Reality as a fluid - yet mostly consensus-based - thing. You have power to influence reality, but so does everyone else. Do not lapse into solipsism... if you were all that there was, nothing would be out of your immediate ability to create.

Life as an ever-changing process, a balance between creation and evolution. One's ethics and morals, if rigid in such a fluid world, are bound to snap. Be like the reed, and bend with the winds of change, to avoid breaking in them.

Freedom to dress, say, be, do, have sex, and think as you want to, as long as you are not willfully or needlessly hurting, killing, or harassing another living being. And by "needlessly" I mean "for any reason other than food, shelter, or clothing, while keeping in consideration the sixth statement, and without being cruel."

Taking responsibility for the natural consequences of your actions. Not punishments, just natural consequences. Punishments are artificial consequences.

Having an open mind, open heart, and compassion. This does NOT mean you must tolerate abuse. Quite the opposite: the best thing for both abuser and abused is to take action against the abuse. Try not to kill, for self defense is not just killing, but defend one's self however one must.

Defense of the Self as not just the body and mind - not even as primarily the body and mind; Self is Mind, Body, AND Soul. Attacks against the Self come in many forms; identify them and defend against them.

Recognizing that you ARE qualified AND equipped to intuitively know the Truth, even (and especially) when it differs from what you've been taught. Just follow your heart and you cannot go wrong. Though figuring out what's coming from your heart and what is from other sources can be difficult.

The Luciferian "Sins"
According To Me

Wherein I show where I agree and disagree with the Satanic Sins as written by Anton LaVey

(Originally the "Nine Satanic Sins," original copyright = © 1987 Anton S. LaVey; I have simply commented on it and added to it. All numbers after 9 are mine.)

Stupidity —The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.
(No arguments there.)

Pretentiousness—Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not.
(Again, no argument.)

3. Solipsism—Can be very dangerous for Satanists. Projecting your reactions, responses and sensibilities onto someone who is probably far less attuned than you are. It is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration, courtesy and respect that you naturally give them. They won’t. Instead, Satanists must strive to apply the dictum of “Do unto others as they do unto you.” It’s work for most of us and requires constant vigilance lest you slip into a comfortable illusion of everyone being like you. As has been said, certain utopias would be ideal in a nation of philosophers, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, from a Machiavellian standpoint) we are far from that point.
(Here I disagree: I think acting towards others as you want them to act can, in many cases, help out and make the world a little better. This does not mean, by any stretch, that one must tolerate abuse - far from it. I would change the name of this sin to "Inappropriate Solipsism.")

4. Self-deceit—We must not pay homage to any of the sacred cows presented to us, including the roles we are expected to play ourselves. The only time self-deceit should be entered into is when it’s fun, and with awareness. But then, it’s not self-deceit!
(Again, no argument.)

5. Herd-conformity—That’s obvious from a Satanic stance. It’s all right to conform to a person’s wishes, if it ultimately benefits you. But only fools follow along with the herd, letting an impersonal entity dictate to you. The key is to choose a master wisely instead of being enslaved by the whims of the many.
(Again, no argument.)

6. Lack of Perspective—Again, this one can lead to a lot of pain for a Satanist. You must never lose sight of who and what you are, and what a threat you can be, by your very existence. We are making history right now, every day. Always keep the wider historical and social picture in mind. That is an important key to both Lesser and Greater Magic. See the patterns and fit things together as you want the pieces to fall into place. Do not be swayed by herd constraints—know that you are working on another level entirely from the rest of the world.
(Again, no argument. But I would like to add this: also keep in mind how much your existence and behaviors can positively affect the lives of others.)

7. Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies—Be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different, when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package. We are expected to rave about the genius of the creator and forget the original. This makes for a disposable society.
(Again, no argument.)

8. Counterproductive Pride—That first word is important. Pride is great up to the point you begin to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The rule of Satanism is: if it works for you, great. When it stops working for you, when you’ve painted yourself into a corner and the only way out is to say, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I wish we could compromise somehow, then do it.
(Again, no argument.)

9. Lack of Aesthetics—This is the physical application of the Balance Factor. Aesthetics is important in Lesser Magic and should be cultivated. It is obvious that no one can collect any money off classical standards of beauty and form most of the time so they are discouraged in a consumer society, but an eye for beauty, for balance, is an essential Satanic tool and must be applied for greatest magical effectiveness. It’s not what’s supposed to be pleasing—it’s what is. Aesthetics is a personal thing, reflective of one’s own nature, but there are universally pleasing and harmonious configurations that should not be denied.
(No argument.)

The following are my own additions, where we go away from Satanic Sins to Luciferian Sins As According To Me:

Egotism Directed At Individuals—Similar to egotism, but more specific. I think it is alright to be be egotistical against a concept, label, or role in general, as long as it doesn't affect how you treat others who may or may not be in that thing you are egotistical against. I think Alex has a great explanation of this concept.
(No argument.)

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