A Love Deep and Open

An official Yahgahn “Noiionayya peripheral” story,

Daan Order/Shao'Bahn Order (originally Shao'Daan Order)1

Note: Female gender pronouns are used in this story exclusively, despite the fact Ah'Koi Bahnis and their deities are hermaphrodites (both male and female genitalia) because their deities tend to look more feminine than masculine. Also, it's easier than expecting you to know Djai and Djair.

Grah'Bahn had come to the Onyx Castle where Ahndahn and Her consort Shao'Kehn lived, and told them of Her vision of Ahndahn impregnating Her with a child. Much to Shao-Kehn's surprise, this made Ahndahn upset and even angry, though She kept Her anger hidden well. So it was that they 'discussed' things well into the night. Shao'Kehn was glad She had cast a silencing spell on the room when Grah'Bahn had come in, it kept Nahtahdjaiz from hearing them. Ahndahn knew of the spell, too; their form of silent communication, the sharing of thoughts at the speed of thought, had told Her.

The discussion went all through the night and into the morning, when Nahtahdjaiz came downstairs, blissfully unaware of the discussion going on. They all sensed Her coming and silenced themselves before She came in, trying to compose themselves. For Her part, Nahtahdjaiz seemed oblivious to any bad energy in the room as She burst in and told them all about how She'd dreamed about Ahndahn impregnating Grah'Bahn with a child named Thurr.

Ahndahn looked as though She was going to refute this; She and Shao'Kehn touched minds, and Ahndahn was indeed planning to say that Morshiinin was lying to help Grah'Bahn, but Her mind locked Shao'Kehn out then, and Ahndahn deflated. Shao'Kehn knew that Ahndahn knew, Morshiinin would not lie.

“Well that's it, then,” She said. “If Nahtahdjaiz has had the vision too, it must be done. I will do it. Just, not tonight. I need to sleep.”

Ahndahn hurriedly left the room. Sensing something, Shao'Kehn followed Her mate through the castle they shared, looking for Ahndahn. She finally found Her consort in a dark room, one of the meditation rooms.

As Shao'Kehn entered the room, Her eyes, like amber stones back-lit by flames, and Her dress made of woven fire-water lit the room.

“What is wrong, Ahndahn? I do not understand your objection to what Grah'Bahn asks. Unless... unless you were hoping your first time would be with Me?”

Ahndahn laughed sardonically. “I have never loved anyone as I have loved You, Shao'Kehn, but I have loved before. And I have had sex before. Many times.”

“Then I understand even less Your reluctance.”

Ahndahn sighed. “It's just... well yes, You and I have yet to consummate our marriage. But... well, I suppose I wasn't sure what I was doing. I still don't.” She sighed again. “Before I knew You, I did many things, and never knew My purpose. Things I've told You about, and others I haven't. I had sex often, with many people, and I enjoyed it, every time. I haven't had any since I started looking for Shao'Zirrovehk, and that has been a long time, what with our fighting, our falling in love, our marriage, and our travels.”

Shao'Kehn sat down next to Ahndahn. “Please continue.”

Ahndahn nodded. “Well, I dunno... I guess I thought the marriage meant I had to stop having sex with anyone else. And it's been so long, that I was willing and even able, I think, to do that. But if I have to do this with Grah'Bahn, which seems likely... I may go back to my old ways.”

Shao'Kehn blinked. “I am still uncertain what the problem is.”

Ahndahn chuckled a little. “I guess I was worried You might be jealous.”

Shao'Kehn held Ahndahn close to Her. “My dear, You have already proven Your love and loyalty several times over during our travels. I do not care who has Your bed as long as I get to meet them. I say this because I have Your love, and I know it.”

“I thank You for Your words, Shao'Kehn. But I am still afraid... I believe that enjoying myself so with another would feel like cheating, to Me.”

Shao'Kehn paused for several beats, then said, “But this thing with Grah'Bahn, You must do. Is it possible to just do it as efficiently as possible, stick it in, inject the seed, and pull it out?”

“I do not have that kind of self control, Shao'Kehn. I require orgasm to release My seed.”

“Well, I have that kind of control. I could teach You.”

“That is kind, but if this is important enough that a vision would come to Nahtahdjaiz the night I tried to reject Grah'Bahn, I do not think we have the time for me to learn.”

Many minutes passed in silence before Shao'Kehn finally responded, “Then would it help if I watched as the deed was done?”

Ahndahn blinked. “I do not know. It might. Or it might make me more nervous. I suppose we could try. But later; for now, I need my sleep. Let us retire.”

And so, Ahndahn and Shao'Kehn retired to their quarters, but not before asking Grah'Bahn to fetch Ohniahnis to keep Nahtahdjaiz company while the three of them slept, which Grah'Bahn did.

When the three of them awoke, they found Nahtahdjaiz and Ohniahnis playing in an empty room that Ohniahnis had transformed into a large, open field of flowers with Her magic, the two of them playing in the artificial sunlight. The three of them had breakfast, then Ahndahn said, “I will do it now, if You're ready, mother.”

Grah'Bahn nodded at Her child and asked, “Where shall we go?”

Shao'Kehn said, “I know a room where we shall have utter privacy.”


“Shao'Kehn is going to watch, if that isn't a problem for You.”

“Oh. Well, I don't know if it will be or not. I guess we'll find out. Lead the way.”

As they made their way to the private room, Shao'Kehn spoke mind-to-mind with Ahndahn, saying, Don't be afraid to enjoy Yourself, My love. And don't be afraid to let Grah'Bahn enjoy Herself as well.

They made it to the private room, and Shao'Kehn cast privacy spells on it, which included the door disappearing. There were no windows. The room had only a bed. Grah'Bahn and Ahndahn undressed, and lay down together.

At first, Ahndahn was nervous and awkward. But having Shao'Kehn in the room, watching, calmed Her a little as well. She also helped Herself by focusing on making Grah'Bahn feel good, since She did not know how much control Grah'Bahn had; it also occupied Her mind in a constructive way. So Ahndahn ran Her fingers along Grah-Bahn's body, especially Her breasts and Her thighs, eliciting responses to the sensual touch. It only got easier from there, as the familiar reactions reminded Ahndahn of old habits and old pleasures. She soon got into the right frame of mind, letting herself enjoy the experience while taking advantage of everything She'd learned of the sensual arts.

As Shao'Kehn watched, She found Herself oddly aroused by the sight of Her consort in bed with someone else, both of them enjoying the experience. There was a voyeuristic quality to it, even though both of them knew She was watching. She also enjoyed watching Her consort's body move and be moved, sweat rolling down Her back and buttocks, and watching Ahndahn do the same to another. Shao'Kehn soon found Herself rubbing on Her grahbihn2 with Her fingers. As the minutes passed and the action amped up, Shao'Kehn found Her grahbihn turning back into Herself and moving in and out rhythmically. Having more self-control than was usual at that time, She refrained from injecting Herself with seed as She came to climax several times.

Shao'Kehn did not catch how many times Grah'Bahn and Ahndahn climaxed, but She had just finished Her fourth when Grah'Bahn became too exhausted to continue, and fell asleep. Ahndahn came out of bed, still excited and ready for more, looking and Shao'Kehn. Before long, there was a second bed in the room, and Shao'Kehn and Ahndahn took to the new bed and made love with one another with passion more intense than any of their battles when they first met. In fact, it was a wonder their antics did not awaken Grah'Bahn. They lost count of how many times they made love, but both were thoroughly exhausted when they, too, fell asleep.

Over the next few days, Ahndahn and Grah'Bahn would have sex while Shao'Kehn watched, and then Shao'Kehn and Ahndahn would have such intense lovemaking that on the second day, one of the walls cracked in response, shaking the whole castle.

It was later determined that Thurr had been conceived the first day, and Nwoikis conceived, most likely, on the third or fourth day. After the fourth day, Grah'Bahn refused to cooperate any more on the grounds that She was exhausted. But She continued to live in the castle with them throughout Her pregnancy, and until Thurr grew up and left.

Because of Her great self-control, Shao'Kehn had fathered Nwoikis on purpose; both She and Ahndahn wanted a child, so She had done it deliberately, though it had taken Her several tries to succeed. The two of them had less intense sex every few days until Ahndahn was too heavy with child to want to cooperate.

After Nwoikis was born, Shao'Kehn began to teach Ahndahn the kind of self-control She enjoyed, and Ahndahn taught Shao'Kehn all She knew about the sensual and sexual arts. They would later go off traveling now and then, Grah'Bahn and Ohniahnis watching the children, to learn as much as they could of these things from others, and would even co-found the Shao'Daan Order, to teach these things and many other things to the mortals of Traipah. But that is another story.

~ ~ ~END~ ~ ~

1The Shao'Daan Order later broke up into the Daan Order and the Shao'Bahn Order. It is a complicated story.

2The grahbihn is the AKB version of a penis, except that it is much longer, retractable, green (in fertile adults), and prehensile.