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Hello there!

Because the curse words that people use in modern society are used in such a casual manner that they have lost all meaning, here are some fresh alternatives. If you have any suggestions for more, let me know at the following email address: fayanora at yahoo dot com

Pharphegneuton [far-feg-newton] = Hard to say what this means. Hard to say because I don't know what it means. All-purpose swear word.

Sheißenberger [shyse-en-berg-er] = Considering that Sheiße is the German word for shit, I would guess this means "someone who lives in the city of shit." Actually, that could be a real word already, come to think of it.

Christenberger [cry-sen-berg-er] = I'm thinking this means "dweller of the city of Christ," but since I pronounce it cry-sen berger instead of christ-en-berger, I'm not sure. I just had to swear one day, I think I was trying to say "Christ" and "Sheißenberger" at the same time. I do that a lot, trying to say more than one word at a time.

Dinkumwadel [dink-um-waddle] - n. Someone who is both silly and stupid.

Bahrain [bahk-rain] = The name of an Arabic country. Yes, I use it as an expletive. Though I more often mispronounce it, when I'm using it as an expletive, as "baa-rain". Tis easier to say than the proper pronunciation. I started saying this because it was easier to say than bahRRaht.

Dumas [doo-moss] = An alternative for "dumbass." And no, I don't think Alexander Dumas was a dumbass.

Dwerklenunk [dwerr-cull-nunk] = I don't know what this means.

(There are loads more of these, I have listed only the ones I actually use fairly regularly.)

Viihiil [vee-heel] = A word in both TPNN and Dvencoilii. It means "Stupid."

Dwahtaim [dwaa tame] = A TPNN word. Its meaning has never been given, except that it is slang for "humans" and is used as an expression of exasperation or frustration. I use both "dwahtaim!" and "humans!" a lot in this way. It can be used in either the singlular or the plural, just like the word "sheep." I usually use it in conjunction with viihiil, IE "viihiil dwahtaim!" {Stupid human(s)!}

da-Vehkii [daa-vek-ee] = A TPNN word. "Vehkii" meaning "shit" or "turd," and the prefix "da-" making a TPNN word plural, da-Vehkii means "shit" in the plural or "turds." Just like the German "Dumkaupf," it sounds better than the translation. (Scroll down for a definition of Dumkaupf.) BahRRaht = A Dvencoilii word. Means "Unclean meat" not in the sense of pork being unclean to Jews, but rather, that the animal was diseased. You roll the RR's like in Spanish. (IE "Rrruffles have rrripples.")

Tihss'Piht = A Dvencoilii word. Means "Foul, reeking, soul-less betrayer." (Said with the T very hard, this word is spoken as though trying to spit a filthy something out of your mouth.)

FaHK = Dvencoilii word. Means "Unfresh meat... specifically meat that has turned into a maggoty goop." Sounds a lot like "fuck."

VeHKehl = A Dvencoilli word. Means "Eat your reproductive organs." Roughly sounds like "veh hkell." The HK in bold is said like trying to cough up a hairball. It's a sound I got from Arabic.

Sahn-Ah'mahkt = TPNN. I am not sure what this means.

BehRRehtah = Dvencoilii. Another one where the meaning is undecided.

Ahnai Tehltahd! = TPNN. Not a curse phrase, but an exclamation. It means "Holy fuck!" But not in the sense that Americans use the word fuck. In TPNN, "tehltahd" (fuck) is not dirty or shameful or bad in any way. It is a beautiful thing. Sex is practically worshipped on Traipah. Ahnai Tehltahd specifically refers to the holiest of fucks... a fuck between Deities. I really do use this.
      Notes: Tehltahd literally means "copulation" in the sense of grahbihn flo duen (penis in pussy). Tehlfuug, on the other hand, is the general word for "sex." Tehlfuut is "coming." Any of these may be used in conjunction with Ahnai.

I also sometimes use non-curse words as exclamations. Like "Sahn-Kia," which means "Many Thanks," or "Oy vwon!" Which means "Help me!"

The complete list of expletives for TPNN and Dvencoilii, just for shits and giggles.

(I just like them a lot.)

Dummkopf [doom-cough] = A German word. It means "Dumb head."