Pope Fay as a witch

      Finally! After years of waiting, now you no longer have to hunt through the site for the hidden Easter Eggs that are there! (IE, the hidden links.) I will now tell you where they are:1
  1. A picture I used to use for my desktop pic. - The link to this on Molly Elizabeth's icon gallery page, and is an invisible link between "sunrising" and "worm movie."

  2. A crossword puzzle using my coined words as answers. - The link is on the index page as an invisible link, between "dedication" and "Please..." on left side.

  3. A crossword puzzle using age play terms. - The link to this on TBOSSSI3, as one of the "dam"s. (Second-to-last line, toward the right hand side.)

  4. "Don't be alarmed," a funny page. - The link to this is The Saint Seth Cabal page, on the right side of the bottom table, far to the right, on the last half there of the card in the corner.

  5. A very sucky but funny story. - The link is on the second index page, as the warning image. Pretty simple.

  6. Wanted Dead and Alive - A picture, the link is at The Fables Page, as a picture image (the "le." in "A Discordian fable.").

  7. Mugshot of Jesus - The link to this is invisible, and is on the page of the fable "Bigger Hammers", just above the moral.

  8. The Lady's Prayer, a Discordian filk of The Lord's Prayer. - The link at Lo's altar page, right on the Goddess's left boob. (The goddess is above the white egg with a star on it. And that is above the knife on the left side.)

  9. Spoof of that "the Shadow of Death" thing. - Link for it was on I May Be Crazy, but At Least I'm Not Insane. Invisible link, bottom.)

  10. A bull naming Mary Cheney (lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney) a Saint - The link is on The Papal Bull page, between "papal bulls(hits)" table and next table)

  11. Actual pornography - UNDER 18 DO NOT ENTER! - The link is at My Coined Words Page, as a "P" in "Pavlonian Meme," at "...just the result of the Pavlonian Meme her parents..."

  12. A Chinese penny, which is made of paper. - The link is on Ahndahn's Shrine Page as a horizontal rule above "Now for a disection of the symbol above, Ahndahn's symbol..." (And yes, I know I used the wrong "there." It irks me very much.)

  13. A movie: Hedgy The Hedgehog and the Criminal Cop - Link is at She Of The Myriad Titles, disguised as an "s." in sentence "A completely NOT random choice of images."

  14. A brief introduction to Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog. - An audio file, the link is on About Traipah page, at the bottom right of the "six dimensions" picture.

  15. "As Always," a song by Pope Fay - The link is on "The Epic Of Nahtahdjaiz" page, as a horizontal rule.

  16. Pope Fay reading her poem "Golly Olly Poogledokkins" - The link is on The New Curse Words page, after definition for the German word dumkaupf. It is an invisible link.

  17. "Uuj Airpsilee," a rather odd song by Pope Fay - Don't be put off by the repetitiveness in the beginning, it gets more interesting after the 5th "uuj airpsilee." The link is on the PETOP page, at the bottom. Invisible link. (The file is "Despair.wav". The reason for this becomes apparent if you reverse that song on Sound Recorder.)

  18. A page displaying all my Yahoo! avatars - The link is at About Me page, at the bottom as an invisible link.

  19. The Sayings Gospel of Eris, a collective work - The link is on Alexander's bio page, it is the "sm." in "any other kind of group-ism." The page this goes to is actually not the whole thing, I'm not sure what went wrong. This could change later.

  20. Challenging Yourself By Writing Fanfiction - Link is at Princess Very Merry Cherry page, as the word "beavers" in "when those damn beavers grab their cleavers".

  21. The Meaning of Life - The link is hidden on Bishop Sanctimonious's page. Click the little pencil icon.

  22. Nederlanse Bart! - The link is the kopyleft image on The Pope Fay page.

  23. The Fable of the Crow. Author unknown. - The link is on Lo's page, beneath the main table, far to the left.

  24. Adult Child Needs, by a friend of mine - Link on the Easter Eggs page, an invisible link to the right of the memeticide pic, next to word "memeticide".

    1 = If you're still unable to find them, here are the direct links:

    1. The old desktop picture.

    2. The New Words Crossword.

    3. The Age Play Crossword.

    4. "Don't be alarmed".

    5. Sucky yet funny story.

    6. Wanted Dead And Alive.

    7. Mugshot of Jesus.

    8. The Lady's Prayer.

    9. The Shadow of Death spoof.

    10. Mary Cheney is a Discordian Saint.

    11. Actual pornography - under 18 DO NOT ENTER.

    12. A Chinese penny - it is made of paper.

    13. Hedgy The Hedgehog and the Criminal Cop.

    14. A brief introduction to Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog.

    15. "As Always," a song by Pope Fay.

    16. Pope Fay reads "Golly Olly Poogledokkins".

    17. "Uuj Airpsilee," a song by Pope Fay.

    18. The page with all my Yahoo! avatars.

    19. The Sayings Gospel of Eris, a collective work.

    20. Challenging Yourself With Fanfiction.

    21. The Meaning of Life.

    22. Nederlanse Bart!

    23. The Fable of the Crow. (Author unknown.)

    24. Adult Child needs. By a friend of mine.

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