"Of That Which Multiplied" - In which Shao'Kehn, always a whore for new
experiences, multiplies Herself into an infinite number of Selves.

"Of That Which Is Savage" - In which one of the Selves of Shao'Kehn
causes Her great shame, and what Ahndahn does about it.


Ahndahn's Destiny - Even the Deities make their own fate.

Bigger Hammers - Why arms races are a bad idea.

A story of creation

Disappearance of the Eloquents - And the story of Jophwaan Island.

Duenicallo and Vungtraf - Waste not, want not.

Dusaana's Story - A tale of recovery from depression.

The Girl With No Shadow - A story about living in denial.

How the Daans Saved Civilization - Really really old.

Journeys - A story about death.

Kiinis, Bahruven, and Raymond - A tale of friendship and love.

Life is Precious - Instincts.

Miirihss and Little Worm - A somewhat copy of the tale of lion and the mouse.

Nahtahdjaiz Awakens - The story of Nahtahdjaiz's birth.

Ohniahnis and Her Shadow - Love conquers all.

Ohnis and Osaya - Love knows no boundaries.

Rage Does No Good - Title explains itself.

River and Rock - Patience is not a competition. Strength comes in many varieties.

Sahn Kia - About manners.

Stranded - Co-operation and hope.

The Big, Bad Lie - Do I have to explain this one?

The Race - Another story of Creation.

The Shy One - About shyness. (Duh)

The Ugly Girl - About appreciating one's beauty.

Truth - Don't judge others by their stereotypes.

Vungtaf makes a mistake - About the value of mistakes.

We Are All One

what_once_was_coloured - A Discordian fab