The Indigo Children

      There's no denying that children today are harder to parent than ever before. With a rise in diagnoses of ADD and ADHD, school violence, and many other problems, people are beginning to wonder why this is happening? What is the cause? I think I have an answer.

      With television, the Internet, radio, and other sources of learning and stimulation, it is the theory of some that kids are just getting smarter. Not just a little smarter, but quite a bit smarter, in one or more subjects. Our children aren't getting stupider, they're becoming gifted and more worldly.

      Think about it for a moment, what is an intellectual like? They love learning, but may not necessarily be able to learn in a traditional school format. After all, Einstein loved mathematics but failed math class when he was in school. This was not because he was stupid at it, but because he was too smart. Because he had already learned math and advanced far beyond his grade, he felt insulted and bored in math class (and possibly some other subjects, too). This is, I think, how many of today's children are.

      Imagine for a moment that you, an adult out of school, are forced to take the second grade all over again. No chance of skipping a grade, you have to prove to everyone that you can move on. Wouldn't you feel bored, frustrated, and angry? Maybe insulted and disrespectful? I mean, if no one hears your pleas that you're far too smart for this class, wouldn't you misbehave?

      Which is not to say that ADD and ADHD don't exist, but the numbers just aren't right. A lot of kids being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD can focus on something they're interested in for a long time. I know, because my own teachers thought I might have had ADD, but my parents knew that I could spend hours on end playing or drawing or whatever else I liked. At school I displayed all the signs of ADD, but at home I did not. I was raised by rather smart parents, so they were very understanding of my intelligence and saw it for what it is. But if a child like this is raised by parents who are maybe - through no fault of their own - not as intelligent or not as open to creativity and intellectual curiosity, I imagine that raising such a child would be insanity for them.

      However, if you're a parent of one of these gifted children, there is hope. Many have recognized this phenomena and have come up with parenting and schooling methods that challenge these children and can get them to behave. One good book for this is "The Indigo Children" by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. It has a bit of a metaphysical bent to it, but it does also respect the secular explanations and even cites many secular sources. Altogether, an excellent resource for how to parent one of these new, gifted children, with an excellent bibliography.

      So don't despair, parents: your child may not need to be drugged, he or she may simply need to be intellectually challenged.