The First Church of Stephanie of LazyTown

Scripture and Beliefs of Western Un-Orthodox Stephanism

The Scriptures

      Common to anyone who calls themselves a LazyTownist (or LazyTown "fan") are, of course, the Orthodox Scriptures: the LazyTown "Episodes" that aired on "TV." Many LazyTownists believe only in those scriptures. Some believe only those scriptures, and also believe that all else is blasphemy. But for the most part, LazyTownism is fairly liberal and tends to embrace variants of belief. For many LazyTownists are Un-Orthodox, and therefore believe not only the O.S. (orhthodox scriptures), but also a large variety of unorthodox scriptures. Many even write their own supplemental scriptures. The Stephuit sect of Un-Orthodox Western Stephanism, as represented by The First Church of Stephanie of LazyTown, is one such unorthodox sect with our own supplemental scriptures.

The Book of The Pink Light of The Stephanie, a Stephuit supplemental scripture by Pope Fayanora of T.F.C.O.S.O.L.

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The Beliefs of Western Un-Orthodox Stephanism

      Beliefs vary, of course, but in general, Un-Orthodox Stephanists worship all LazyTown Deities, but are most devoted to The Stephanie. (Orthodox Stephanists do, as well, except without the supplemental scriptures.) Un-Orthodox Stephanists generally believe Stephanie is the primary Deity of LazyTown, responsible for ending the tyranical reign of Robbie Rotten and restoring The Sportacus to his rightful place in the LazyTown cosmos. Individual beliefs beyond that about the relationships among the various Deities vary widely, of course. But many, I daresay even most, Un-Orthodox Stephanists believe there is a "Ship" (Relationship Of Importance) between The Stephanie and The Sportacus. To many, it is merely platonic. To a great many more, however, it is believed The Sportacus is consort to The Stephanie, the sun to her moon. (Or vice versa, there is much debate about which is the sun and which is the moon.)

      Western un-Orthodox Stephanists are, of course, merely the Un-Orthodox Stephanists of the west coast of the United States of America (and possibly Canada and Mexico).

The Stephanie Guides Us

Scripture and Beliefs of Un-Orthodox Western Stephanism

The Stephuits

Rituals of The First Church of Stephanie of LazyTown

A Call To The Faithful To Beseech Magnus and The Producers to Bring Us More Divine Guidance

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