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NOTE: Contains a few 'naughty' words. Nothing worse than damn, though, as far as I know of. PG13.

"People die for their beliefs because they love being right. But what good does it do to be right if you're dead? This want to be right goes against Life itself. Who cares if you're right or not? What does it really matter? Beliefs are as worthless as food to a dead man if they don't help you better your life, but why die for them either way? No matter how you try to say it, 'martyr' is just a fancy word for a dead person."

The 13-Plus Commandments of Fay (no one else need believe them)
(Because it started as 13 commandments and grew.)

1. Thou shalt strive to not intentionally kill any fellow person except in self-defense, and avoid killing in self-defense if you can---use only enough force to stop the threat to those you're protecting. Killing should be your last option. See #15.

2. Thou shalt strive to not intentionally de-humanize any person in any way. Treat others with respect unless they prove un-worthy of respect, but even then do not stoop to the level of de-humanizing anyone.

3. Thou shalt strive to not intentionally kill any animal except for food or in self-defense, and again, self-defense killing should be left as your last option.

4. Thou shalt strive to not intentionally make any being's life a living hell, on Earth or otherwise.

5. Thou shalt not condemn nor opress nor torment another because their beliefs differ from yours.

6. Thou shalt not prosylatize, unless one is the recipient of such an insult first, and then only return to the prosylatizer the disrespect s/he served you.

7. Thou shalt do NOTHING "in [My] Name" (The Divine), unless it adheres strictly to all of these commandments, and even then you should think at least twice before doing so. I do not take kindly to having My name endorse your behaviors unless they are seen as good by most other people in the world, regardless of their faith.

8. Thou shalt strive to not fall into self-pity, self-doubt, or the "why me?" syndrome for an extended period of time---if you find yourself feeling like this, seek thee out ways to overcome the obstacles because to not fight the "why me?" syndrome is pitiful, and a sign of a weakness.

9. Thou shalt not blame Me for your life's pitfalls, nor will you explain them away as "God/dess has a plan." ." I don't make plans for you, and even if I did, whether I have a plan for you or not is immaterial. See #10.

10. Thou shalt strive to make your life as good as you can, and don't forget your blessings.

11. Thou shalt strive to not become self-righteous, nor fall into the delusion of your path being the only true or only righteous path, for the path of righteousness leads straight to proverbial hell. Remember, also, that self-rightousness takes many forms, don't fall into the delusion of thinking yourself immune to self-righteousness.

12. Thou shalt strive to be a hard worker when the need calls for it and indolent when there is no need to do work. Thou shalt strive to not become a workaholic, nor a perpetual sloth.

13. Thou shalt strive to have a sense of humor and a sense of beauty and a sense of love, and never forget to play once and a while (those who do live longer).

14. An ye who thinks this list is complete as it is now is a fool and deluded and just plain silly.

15. Anyone who doth intentionally break any of the first 6 commandments and/or commandment 11 has given society and/or the victim the right to do the same to them. For example, if a crime is committed, society can seek retribution.

16. The only constant is change. Evolution!

17. Thou shalt invoke Necessary Dogmatism when deemed justifiable, but thou wilt not take it lightly. (See below, underneath descriptions of the Demons.)

                the Yahgahnii version of the Yin-Yang

"Closed minds only lead to closed hearts."
---Reverend Beautiful Pyre

The Six Demons

Note: Shoikinistic Demons are not neccessarily evil. Often they are even more dualistic (both evil, good, and all between) than Shao'Kehn Herself. Death, for example, is necessary for Life.

1. Spwiiohk (spwee oak), Demon of Entropy/Death. Death is essential to the existance and purpose of Life.

2. Idz (eyedz), Demon of Fear. Fear can be helpful to survival, to warn when Spwiiohk is focusing on You, or it can drag You into Spwiiohk's jaws. Strive to fear only when it's necessary, for needless fear tends to bring You closer to Spwiiohk.

3. Dahk'nahk, Demon of Doubt. Doubting Your abilities, especially if You haven't tried hard enough (or at all) to do something, is detrimental to Your well-being and the well-being of Your descendants. Doubt can lead to missed opportunities to make Your life better.
      Of course, Doubt can be a good thing as well. Doubting that something is true can tell You that the truth is other than You thought before. Doubt can lead You to the Truth and/or the truth.

4. Pii'ahsh (Pee ahsh), Demon of Hatred. A very angry, one could say "evil" Demon. Hatred is different than anger, for anger comes from fear, but anger and fear can lead to hatred. Hatred is an excessive strong anger towards someone or something. Anger, like all emotions, has psychosomatic effects on the body, and anger (caused by fear and stress) has very bad effects on the body, so hatred is even worse because the extended length of time.

5. Tahn'ahg, Demon of Delusions. Also "evil," Tahn'ahg causes delusions, and delusions are often detrimental to well-being. Delusions are negative illusions that people cling to out of fear. Thus, Tahn'ahg is related closely to Idz and Aidjovah.

6. Aidjovah (Aid joe vah), Demon of Righteousness. Also "evil," for Life is Diversity, and the same is true for Truth. Truth is Diversity, as one can see by looking around the world. Thus, righteousness (believing Yourself to be right and no one is right but you) is a sin against Nature. It is a self-destructive delusion because others will react negatively to your self-righteousness and treat you like crap. This feeling of being righteous makes one treat others like crap, and you tend to be treated by others the way you treat others. So for your own good, avoid this Demon.

By: Shao'Kehn
Channeled by Reverend Beautiful Pyre

Burned by the Flames of Challenge, you cry out to Me,
Begging so hard for it to just not Be!
So sad it is, but such is Life,
I will not destroy your Strife!
Call Me heartless if you Choose,
Life is not fair, some win and some Lose!
I do not decide your Fate,
So please stop your useless Hate!
Life just happens, it's not set in Stone,
So stop being a mindless stupid Drone!
Take responsibility for your own life, Please,
I keep trying to tell you, stop falling to your Knees!
I am Alpha and Omega and you are Free,
I am not your personal magic Genie!
You have the power, use it for a Change,
Even if it feels Strange!
I'm tired of being blamed for all of your Pain,
Please have faith in yourself, you're driving Me insane.

Philosophy of Necessary Dogmatism

      This philosophy is the one philosophy that most separates Shoikinism from Discordianism. What is means is that there are some things that just are not justifiable under the flag of acceptance. In other words, it means that right now there is one rule that the Shoikinist considers Absolutely True:

1. Harming and/or killing of innocents against their will is intolerable unless the innocent in question would die anyway. An example: if a mother has a child unexpectedly, can find no one to take care of the child, and the child would starve to death in her care, it is more humane to end the child's suffering before it begins.

There may be more than just this one, but thus far this is it, and the decree of Necessary Dogmatism should not be invoked lightly. This particular rule means that harming or killing a child or other innocent against their will for any but the above stated reason is intolerable, and the Shoikinist would be well within their rights to act on the innocent's behalf.

"Take a moment, right now, to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Not just the obvious pleasant ones, but the painful ones as well. For even the most painful experiences have helped you become who you are now, in this moment. I will not insult you by saying that it's because 'The Divine has a Plan,' since that is inane crap people try to comfort themselves with. Yet think about this: if it weren't for your pain, who would you be in this moment? You would not be the same person. All of your experiences, good and bad, have gotten you to this point, have shaped who you are. The painful experiences have been the pyre that burns you, but if you're reading these words, then you've risen from the ashes. So, My little Phoenix, spread your wings, thank the pain, and move on. Do not hold yourself back by focusing hatred at the remains of the ashes. Fly away from them, little Phoenix, fly away from them."
---Shao'Kehn in The Book of She Who Is Both Darkness and Light

The Six Sehn'doi'aadj
(All 6 created by Shao'Kehn)

(Sehn'doi'aadj being the opposite of the Demons.)

1. Ny'kwail (ny quail), Sehn'doi'aadj of Life. (w/ help of Grahbahn)

2. Fii'ihdz (fee ihdz), Sehn'doi'aadj of Courage.

3. Za'ain'ihn (zaa ain ihn), Sehn'doi'aadj of Confidence.

4. Tae'Kwish (tay kwish), Sehn'doi'aadj of Love. (w/ help of Thurr)

5. Noh'gwain (no gwain), Sehn'doi'aadj of Truth.

6. Zirr'nahg'daa (zeer nog daa), Sehn'doi'aadj of Open-mindedness.

"Preachers of 'the One True Path' are safe as uranium,
Unaware that Idiocy nests in their cranium,
While the Demon of Delusions cackles with glee
In the emptiness where their brain used to be."

---Reverend Beautiful Pyre

An excerpt from The Book of She Who Is Both Darkness and Light, a scripture in which Rev. Beautiful Pyre acts as scribe while Shao'Kehn speaks to her:

La ZirromaHGl seh Bain'ii'ehg'maHGl-maak
(The Demon of Righteousness)

      My Children, you may wonder what makes a Prophet? All of My Prophets through history have been loved by some, hated by others. When it comes to spiritual matters, you seem to have no middle ground-the only time you have no opinion of a Prophet is when you've never heard of him or her. But I tell you, you are ALL Prophets, all bringing your own Truth into the world. You are the Prophet of your own soul, constantly proclaiming in many ways your Truths. No matter what your attitude is, your behaviors, words, deeds, and body language all preach the gospel of your soul and your experiences every moment of your life. Certain parts are spoken louder than others, but you DO do this.
      When certain people step into the spotlight and begin speaking the Gospel of their souls for all to hear, you all have different reactions. Some rejoice that someone with ideas and/or beliefs similar to yours has stepped up to speak, and others resent them their words for various reasons.
      When there is resentment, there are many reasons for this. Some have locked themselves into boxes of Being Right(eous) and hate anything going against their beliefs. Others resent that the Prophet has gained acclaim where they didn't. But most people who resent them do so because those words ring Truth in their souls and they cannot accept that fact, for they are so convinced that the way they've chosen is the Right one that they cannot see Truth when it slaps them in the face. The Truth comes in many forms, and usually the form of Truth they rebel against are words that, if heeded, can improve their lives. Even those who love the Prophet can fall into this same trap, they only listen to parts they want to hear and block out the rest. Religions become controlling because of this attitude, this refusal to change. The most controversial Prophets are those who see people ignoring their problems and speak up about it, usually with ways that, if heeded, could solve the problems.
      The major problem, though, is that people refuse to change. It's so much easier to stay where you are and bitch and moan about your problems than it is to do anything about it. They ignore the fact that solving the problem will benefit them and life will be better in the long run, and will continue to be stubborn asses even when they are the only ones left in the world to be that way. These people who cannot evolve mentally and spiritually are doomed to fall to the wayside or die if they cannot change in the face of Massive Change. They fail to realize that their very changelessness is what is their own undoing in the first place-for example, many sects of Christianity are stuck in the past. No matter how much they've changed so far, the rest of the world breaks free from restricting religions because they no longer serve a need to most people. What no longer works for you only drags you down. But then, along with this Demon that is Righteousness comes a self-depriciation that is undeserved. People look at the world and tend to see something big and powerful, and in response they feel very small and helpless. They say, "What could I possibly do to help?" in such a manner that they comfort themselves in their smallness. They are convinced that they are unworthy, and when they see people that they consider to be worthy, they say, "Oh, s/he must be a God!"
      Well guess what? They ARE Gods. And so are You. Everyone is a God in their own right. Some people know this, and use their powers for good. Others do not know this, and use their powers for ill. You may think that thinking yourself a God is dangerous, but I tell you it is not. Thinking yourself the only God, or one of few, is dangerous, yes. But if You recognize that You are one of Many Gods and Goddesses on Earth, there is no limit to the good you can bring. For real-izing this Truth, realizing that the universe is what you make it to be, realizing that everyone sees Truth from a different perspective, realizing that You All have the Power, that allows You to do ANYTHING. The trick is, now that you know it, you must make it happen. USE your power, search your Self until You can tap into all Your repressed potential. Be cautious not to slip into Righteousness, for it leads to Hell; also be wary of an overinflated ego-so you're a God? So is everyone else. So you know it, so what? Does knowing that Truth give you the right to trample the rights of others? No! You are a God, and so is everyone else-treat them as such.
      In "The New Revelations," a Conversations With God book by Neale Donald Walsh, I said something you need to know. I will repeat it here: People tend to be willing to give up everything-friends, family, wealth, health, even life itself-for one thing. That one thing is Being Right. You should avoid this-nothing can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, or even out of reasonable doubt, so are these words even True? If there is something that is True, you can only see parts of it at this point in your species' evolution. If no one can prove that they are right, what is the point of even trying? All it serves to do is cause conflict. If all people on Earth stopped caring if they were Right or not, you would see war disappear, murder rates would drop drastically, there would be less resentment as people stopped prosylatizing, and peace would generally break out. See, solving the world's problems is as simple and as complicated as saying, "If I were wrong, what's the harm of that? We could ALL be wrong!" As a friend of Reverend Beautiful Pyre said, even if the Christian God came down, proved His existence, and proved that His teachings were Truth, he would still not convert to Christianity, for regardless of its Right-ness, it is not the path for him. That is what spirituality is all about-believing something not because it's right or wrong, but because it feels right. The Truth may or may not have a definite form, but that is not the point. The point of Life is finding your bliss, and letting others find their bliss without being bothered. You may find your bliss in celebrating the Light, but another may find their bliss in Darkness. Do not judge by beliefs, but by actions. For even the most seemingly "God-fearing Good Christian" can turn out to be a thief, a rapist, or a murderer, just as the seemingly "evil Devil-worshipper" can turn out to be a very good person. Appearances can be deceptive, and this goes both ways. The man dressed in black robes and devil horns, lighting a black candle during a full moon and saying, "In nomine Satanas" is no more likely to be a criminal than the God-fearing Christian minister or priest. Who a person is does not rely on what their beliefs are, but on how they act.

"Sometimes, though, life does not give you a choice. When that happens, I may say 'So sorry, My Child,' Or I may say, 'Tough shit.' This does not make me a bad parent, it just means that I may sometimes have to force My tough love on you. This is because often, the best thing you can do for someone is to make their life difficult, to challenge them. Most animals have to eventually push their offspring out into the cruel world, where they may die. There is a great chance that these offspring may die horribly and painfully, or they may survive so well that they have many strong, healthy children of their own. You do not know what you're capable of until you are pushed into it."
---Shao'Kehn in The Book of She Who Is Both Darkness and Light

The Nine-Hundred Ninety-Nine Steps to Endarkenment
(A Shoikinistic Discordian Scripture)

      One day, Reverend Fay was munching away on carrot sticks that were screaming for mercy when lightning struck a tree nearby to Rev. Fay, scaring her serious. Once recovered and silly as normal, she went over to investigate the tree. Within the split caused by the lightning was revealed a tunnel with stairs leading down it. Rev. Fay, infinitely curious, walked down the stairs, counting the steps. She counted and counted, counting past #666. She wanted to stop counting, but could not. Some mysterious thing would not let her.

      Finally, she reached step #999, and came to a large, dark room with a nude woman meditating in the exact center of it. There was an odd light emenating from the floor beneath the nude woman, who was beautiful--her skin was a luscious golden-brown, her hair black, her body's contours perfect beyond logic, and she was largely free of hair except on her head, where it ought to be. She had a knife in each hand, though. Long, wicked-looking knives they were! On top of that, the nude woman's hair was very messy, and there was blood on her at places, forming neat designs. Rev. Fay might have been both scared and turned on at once, but she recognized the nude woman. It was Shoikin (AKA Shao'Kehn, AKA The Dark Mother, AKA That Mysterious Dark Woman, AKA The Loving Bitch Wot Done It All).

      Perplexed, Rev. Fay walked towards the nude form of Shoikin (who had Her head bowed and eyes closed as She was meditating), and attempted to snap Her out of it. Some mysterious Something then pushed Fay back to about ten feet away from Her. Shoikin then slowly raised Her head toward Rev. Fay, until finally it stopped. Then She slowly opened Her eyes until the white-hot flames of Her Chaos shone in their full glory from Her eyes. Then, without moving Her lips, She spoke in an overly-dramatic-movie-scene-with-the-deep-and-echoing-voice-of-gawd type voice, saying:
      Who dares disturbs My slumber?
      "Um... it's Me, Rev. Fay. What's with all the dramatics?"
      Her eyes burned bright still, there was an awkward silence for a while. Then She spoke again.
      Um... sorry about that Fay. Eh hem... how many steps did you count, coming down?
      "Nine-hundred and ninty-nine, My Lady."
      Good, that's good. Do you know what that number means?
      "Uh... no, I don't."
      Didn't think you would. Anyway, here it be: There are 999 steps to Endarkenment.
      I whined. "Awwwww, that's a lot of steps! I hope it won't be written on something heavy, like Moses got."
      Uh... no. You've already followed the 999 steps to Endarkenment.
      "Oh? You mean those stairs I walked down?"
      Yes, My Love. That is correct.
      "Shall I go forth and spread the word for people to come to this place?"
      She glared at me. Then, slowly, Her mouth opened up. Within were flames as white-hot as those in Her eyes. She then screamed.
      It was an unearthly, horrible noise. I fell to the earth, writhing in pain. It felt like hot knives were ripping me to shreds, and I could feel every single pain at once. I felt like I was taking on all the pain of all existence from all of time, all at once. I died, and was reborn, over and over again in that very spot. I became as the phoenix, reborn from my own ashes after burning to death in the same spot. Time no longer had meaning.
      Finally, I was above it all. I was alive, dead, existing, and not existing All At Once. I was All, Many, and Nothing All At The Same Time. I became Shao'Kehn--The All--that day.
      In this strange state still, I sensed that somewhere Shoikin and I were in a dark room at the bottom of 999 stairs. I sensed Her mouth closing slowly, the scream dying down, until finally it had stopped and Her mouth closed. I was pulled, kicking and screaming, back to my own body, which I had never really left.

      My eyes slowly opened. I looked up, saw the nude form of Shoikin above me. Staring straight ahead, Her eyes were still burning white-hot. Her mouth was closed. I crawled toward the staircase. When I got there, I turned around, whispered, "Thank you," and smiled.

      She then closed Her eyes again and bowed Her head once more. I left, to ponder the experience.

"Turning evolution into revolution has been thy species' constant mistake so far-it has reduced great schools of thought into controlling institutions. Remember thee this: institutions are for mental patients."
---Shao'Kehn in The Book of She Who Is Both Darkness and Light



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