Being poetry by various members of the Temple of Shao'Kehn.

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"We Move Like the Ocean" by Tristan Arts
"The Way of the Challenge" by Tristan Arts
"Walking Yourself" by I'la O
"The Juice of the Alora" by Tristan Arts
"A Blood Treaty" by Richard S. Bravo IV
"The Wyld Womun" by Tristan Arts
"The Dinnerplate of Life" by Tristan Arts
"Just a Thought" by Tristan Arts
"Shoikin is an angel" by Tristan Arts
"Untitled" by I'la O
"As Always" by Tristan Arts
"Mother of Darkness" by Tristan Arts
"This Poem Made Me Cry" by Tristan Arts

"We Move Like the Ocean"
By Tristan Arts (AKA Reverend Beautiful Pyre AKA Pope Fay)
Copyright 2002

Burning is the flame of white-light religion's passion,
Blow it out, and all that remains are the ashes of hypocrisy.
Dancing in the air are the sparks of proselization,
If they touch down on ready fuel, the chaos of fanaticism bursts forth,
      consuming all in its path. Where once there was fertile life, naught but death lies in unbalanced religion's wake.
The fire, though, can be fought---held at bay by the waters of Balanced Spirituality;
Balanced Spirituality creates many a lush oasis that cannot be touched by the flames.
We move like the ocean, united in our differences;
The tsunami of our power will wash away the flames, and the forest fire of the
      white-light religions will be no more.
By Our Will shall the sickness be cleansed,
And all shall be saved by the glory in what they missed,
That thing they overlooked when consumed by religion...
      ...we call it Life.

"The Way of the Challenge"
By: Reverend Beautiful Pyre

(AKA Tristan Arts)

We were as children… even though adults,
Never had we known… anything else;
We had never been Challenged… to Self betterment,
We knew not where Shao-Kehn's blessed path went.

We were greener… than the greenest leaf,
We had always held our Knife… in its' sheath;
We had never walked the way of the Challenge before,
Shao'Kehn gave us wisdom… and so much more!

      The Flames of the Challenge keep burning our minds!
      We left our old… Selves behind!
      From the ashes of the pyre of my Self of old
      Arose a new me… stronger and bold!

There stood Shao'Kehn… guarding the Way,
Her burning eyes… to scare us away;
Yet we'd been told… of what lay ahead,
We swore we'd meet the Challenge… with soul and head.

Shao'Kehn smiled… and went within,
From inside… came a terrible din;
We went inside… down the Path,
To face The Storm and its' Aftermath.

      The Flames of the Challenge keep burning our minds!
      We left our old… Selves behind!
      From the ashes of the pyre of my Self of old
      Arose a new me… stronger and bold!

We knew not Her tough love… so cruel and kind,
Throughout the pain… we wept and pined;
A thousand times we cursed… Her name,
Scared near to death of The Challenger's game.

Within the Chamber… grabbed by the claws,
Ripped to pieces… by massive jaws;
Eaten alive, we screamed in pain!
Soon that part over, 'twas all just a game.

We went through fire… we went through ice,
Both were painful… neither felt nice;
Through the pain of Challenge we were strong,
Kept pushing ourselves to move along!

Finally we made it… to the final goal,
First we had to jump… over a large hole;
It would mean our death if we had failed,
To our death… we would have sailed.

Yet we made it… across the abyss,
We made it, we made it, we didn't miss!
We got to the goal of betterment of Self,
Now we don't need the comfort of anyone else!

Walking yourself
By I'la O

copyright 2003

St. Bridget walks down the street

looking at it all through me

"Where are the trees?"

I turn that corner

and Seattle opens up its lights

my eyes, jaw and heart follow

hit onto my fav dance station, where the only commercial is love

smell the pizza or the fries, but I'm gonna take a new sidewalk

so these pinked white blossoms are those cherry blossoms they talk about in all those stories

I'll let those petals guide my path

St. Bridget nods

lovin how two blocks over puts me in another world

not knowing where you are is one way to be where you are

business lights, obscured street signs, bags of dinner using people to get home

I round corners with my rounds

vegan cookies line the basket

lines bask on the sidewalk

showing off what people'll do for art

Bridget and I go inside

darkness will transcribe visions

Bridget and I recognize it

Scotland, Kansas, and Seattle are the same

we see ourself

put your fingers in the dirt

place your hand in the Earth's flesh

touch yourself; touch yourself again

know yourself, again.

"La Lór Seh La Alóra"
"The Juice of the Alóra"
by = Tristan Arts

copyright 2000

Gweb'ahd'jahg la lór seh la Alóra, foht zizik ah'lah'kohr;
(Drink the juice of the Alóra, for it is sweet;)
Yai la piik-gwehbahr |rr|oo toisahl kriiah somaik;
(Let the rain roll over your body;)
Ahd'jahg la ohn'tin'kyn seh la ah'lah'jiik, foht zizik tah'jah;
(Eat the pulp of the fruit, for it is good;)
Mostaiso la gwebahr kindais kriiah mozatain;
(Feel the water on your skin;)
Lookah la lór ziz sohlohrt ehm grehn;
(Smell the juice it give(s) to us;)
Niiket yai la aipahlih tehlshii koh shoikoik;
(Do not let the world cause you pain;)
Mwai'ahrik kohrain la aipahlih ulgork;
(Taste all the world has;)
Nii'ii'bii fiehlrahk la pahtohlgj seh la aipahlih...
(Never forget the wonder of the world;)
...veh rejahray la lór seh la Alóra.
...and enjoy the juice of the Alóra.

A Blood Treaty
By Richard S. Bravo IV

copyright 2003

I watch over you. My knowledge soars above your stupidity. And I
laugh and
Slowly I enter the gate. The place is somber, wet, beautiful.
Across, the
farthest, I can see, a series of trees, dry all of them. The sadness
experience is awesome. It is death under a better understanding.

"The Wyld Womun"
By Tristan Arts (Pope Fay)
Copyright 2002

I stand before the altar, ready to dance,
Ready to summon The Wyld Womun;
Turn on the music, move to the beat,
Hold onto my knife, an athame of sorts;
My movements, breathing, and life are my prayer,
The raw act of living without thinking is the summons;
Breathing so hard that my mind can't think,
She is summoned:

      She says nothing, but sings a song,
      A dance that's all words and none,
      Dancing forever without an end,
      Joyous is The Wyld Womun,
      Joyous is Shoikin.

Dancing forever without end,
She is The Vital Spark of Life,
Lending energy to all of Life,
One can never hope to out-dance Her.

Her wild black hair all a mess,
Striped and painted, Her only clothes are
Leather bands around Her wrists and ankles,
She dances around a fire, but it is dwarfed
By Her radience and energy.

      Her eyes burn as the fires of the stars,
      But kindly and lovingly,
      Every graceful, fluid movement
      Births a million new lives,
      Kills a million more,
      The pyre of death is the dinnerplate of life,
      And the fires of Life burn higher and higher.

Oh, I dance! Sweat pours by the liter,
Breathing becomes faster and harder,
Heart pounding in my chest,
Wyld Womun dances forever, but I must rest,
I fall to the ground to recover,
The Wyld Womun still dances.

by I'la O.

place of white shadows

darkness exists as light


open unto us

in our place

dreams equalize reality

reality appears on our minds

stars dance

we sleep with moons

allow us in

how can we ever leave?

we don*t hide in our place

our place

displays itself within us

I*la O.

"As Always"
By Reverend Beautiful Pyre

As always, I hold out My hand,
As always, I help you understand;
As always, I cut you free,
Take off your blindfold, so you can see.

As always, I do My part,
As always, I show you your heart;
As always, I open your soul,
My child, so you can be whole.

As always, I love your whole Self,
As do I love everyone else;
As always, sing your phoenix song,
My child, and I'll sing along.

As always, rise from your pyre,
As always, I'll lift you ever higher;
As always, the One True Way,
Leads to your heart, every day.

As always, know what's True:
No one can prove your Truth but you;
As always, remember one thing:
Let all My phoenixes merrily sing.

As always, I'll let you know,
If you love someone, let them go;
As always, I tell you you're free,
So go out, and just Be.

"Mother of Darkness"
By = Tristan A. Arts
(AAAABB rhyming)

Mother of Darkness, show me the Light,
Twinkle your smile at me through folds in the Night,
Oh Lady Shao'Kehn, You're fire and Ice,
Help me feel good, please help me feel Nice,
Through all the sorrow, through all of the Pain,
Like the Phoenix, help me to Rise Again!
      Though I'd love You anyway...

      The Dark is quiet and calm to me,
      The Light is bright energy so free,
      Mother Shao'Kehn, Father Ahndahn,
      Darkness and Light living as One,
      And loving all their children.
      (And loving all their children.)

Mother of Chaos, please show me Order,
Lead me along the path to the Border,
You're the Creatress, the latter and Former,
Help me become my Self Reformer,
Through all the pain, through all the sorrow,
Help me survive to face the tomorrow!
      I will love You in every way...


Mother of Death, please show me Life,
Help me survive through all of my Strife,
Mother of Chaos, You are Order's Wife,
Please a safe path for me with Your Knife,
If only such Self-Challenge were Widespread,
We would not feel like we were somehow Dead!
      I will love you every day...


Mother of Life, please show me Demise,
Help me to see, to open my Eyes,
To see past Fear and all of its Lies,
My soul is a Phoenix, it will Rise,
Shao'Kehn The Mother, I sing my Song,
Thank you, Mother, for singing Along!

(Chorus, repeated 3X)

"This Poem Made Me Cry"1
By Tristan Alexander Arts
(28 lines, couplet rhyme pattern)

Of all the Grandmas, you were the best,
Now your scattered pieces move on or rest;
Your soul flies back into Ahndahn's embrace,
While your body's scattered pieces go all over the place.

You've rejoined all your loved ones we know you missed,
Just as we'll one day rejoin you beyond the mist;
Your body's ashes went back to earth they say,
So maybe I'll inhale part of you someday.

I dream now and then that there's an apple tree,
Growing where your ashes went in the cemetery;
Grandma, in this dream, the tree soaked you up,
And under that tree I had a picnic supp.

The tree heard my tears and saw my sorrow,
And of one of its fruits it let me borrow;
I ate of that tree, and ate part of you,
Oh how I wish that dream would come true.

To have part of you with me after you've left,
That would help fill the hole made by your death;
It was a hole so profound I've not yet found the tears,
That hole will get bigger on through the years.

You're with Mother Shao'Kehn and Father Ahndahn,
So, in a sense, you'll never really be gone;
I wish I'd been with you again on your last day,
But yes, I think I know what you'd say...

You'd say I was there for you for many long hours,
The day before you died, that time was ours;
But I will not see you again until after I die,
But I'll always remember that this poem made me cry.

1 = While writing this poem, I got more and more emotional. I finally broke down and cried when I wrote the "But I will not" of the third line in the last stanza. Tara, who was still awake upstairs, apparently heard me. I still get wet eyes by the time I get to that same point. Seven stanzas for you, Grandma. I love you. Sahn-kia. Koh soh la Kohrain.

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