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The Noiionayya - the creation mythos of the Yahgahn faith.

The next few stories are Noiionayya peripheral stories. This means they are stories that may or may not be considered canon, depending on which Yahgahn you speak to (the Yahgahn faith being more flexible that way). I consider them canon, but I'm sure Traipah is real, and if so, there are Yahgahns who might disagree with me. Or, the basic stories might be the same, but with differences. Anyway, these are my versions:

Noiionayya peripheral one - "A Love Deep and Open." WARNING: Contains some adult language and graphic depictions of alien sexuality (humanoid, but still alien).

Noiionayya peripheral two - "Of The Reformation and Traipah."

Noiionayya peripheral three - "To Teach and To Learn."


People For The Ethical Treatment Of Plants

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