Shrine to Nahtahdjaiz
Child Goddess of Children and Adopted Daughter of Ahn'Dahn and Shao'Kehn.


      Aside from being a Shao'Bahn (Clergy of Shao'Kehn), I am also a Nah'tadj'bahn... a clergy of Nahtahdjaiz, Child Goddess of Children and adopted daughter of Shao'Kehn and Ahn'Dahn. Why? Well, as a child of Shao'Kehn myself, I feel Nahtahdjaiz is like a sibling to me. And, like any older sibling should, I admire and protect my younger sibling. In all reality, of course, She is far older than I've ever been, but as all who are currently children are Her avatars, I think you see my metaphorical point, do you not? Regardless of Her own age, and regardless that I used to be one of Her avatars myself, it is Her current avatars I feel older-siblingly about. (I'm a writer, so I can make up terms like "older-siblingly" if I want to.)

      This feeling of protectiveness and admiration of children is, I think, an extension of my desire to have children of my own some day, as well as the painful knowledge that I am male and therefore cannot become pregnant myself, as I could've easily done in my past lives as one of the hermaphroditic Ah'Koi Bahnis. So, for these and---I'm sure---other reasons, I am a clergy of the worship of three Deities who are not native to Earth, one of those being Nahtahdjaiz. (The other two being, of course, Shao'Kehn and Her consort Ahn'Dahn.)

      The above picture you've no doubt noticed, and wondered what it means. It is a word written in the written language of the Yahgahnii tongue (the sacred language of my religion, but only until recently being developed, as opposed to the trade tongue Trai'pahg'nan'nog, which is over 750 words strong last I checked) that reads, right to left, NAH TAHD JAIZ [nah tahd jaze], which is of course the name of the Goddess of this page.

      One more word before I get to the meat of this page... why no shrine specifically to Shao'Kehn on this site? Well, in first place, the whole site is really a shrine to Her. Secondly, even discounting that fine point, there is the "Shao'Kehn Is" page which serves as Her own personal shrine.

      Now here I will dispense with my personal prattle and get to the substance of this page, to the Shrine itself, La Kusadj Seh Nahtahdjaiz (NHTHDJZ)...

"La Kusadj Seh Nahtahdjaiz"
(The Book Of Nahtahdjaiz)

      Nahtahdjaiz, sia Nahtahdjaiz, Ahnai flo Kriiah Tékwiiah, I call to You in all Your Greatness. I, who am a humble servant of You and Your Avatars, a Nah'ii'hway with great respect and tae'nykohl for You. Never would any harm come to any of your Avatars from me or any other true Nah'tahdj'bahn, for children are sacred in all ways, and harming them intentionally is the worst blasphemy against Nahtahdjaiz there is, and is by connection a blasphemy to Nahtahdjaiz's Mother, the great Shao'Kehn. Any who would commit such a heinous blasphemy are shunned by the Order of Nahtahdjaiz.

Here we outline the philosophy of the Order of Nahtahdjaiz, with the Nah'tahdj'bahn Philosophy:

1. Never intentionally harm a child, a pregnant person, or other person unless in self defense. This means abortion is only allowed in two circumstances: A. To save the life of the pregnant mother. B. Non life-threatening abortions should be done before the first three weeks have passed, and the zygote is still formless, then the aborted zygote donated to scientific research. Basically, if it looks Human, it is. If it's too late for these measures, and you can't afford to raise the child, then put the child up for adoption.

2. Love, Respect, Honor, and Worship children as you would your own flesh and blood, for they are beautiful Divine Avatars of Nahtahdjaiz, and thus sacred.

3. Listen to what children say, because some of the most poignant observations and wise sayings are said by children---children can make you think about the world in whole new ways.

4. If discipline is needed, be as gentle as possible and yet firm. Children don't respond well to weakness, nor to excessive force, nor to anger.

5. Honor Nahtahdjaiz by following those rules and by worshiping Her at Her altar.

6. People who in any way beat, rape, abuse, or otherwise intentionally harm a child in similar ways deserve no less than extremely painful torture. Those who murder children deserve no less than death. But do not break the law for these scumbags---change the laws instead to deliver them their proper punishment.


      Nahtahdjaiz is the essence of growth and change. This only makes sense, as She's affiliated with Shao'Kehn. In Her role as the essence of growth and change, She is both children and the essence of what adults should become like. Let me explain:
      The truly evolved human being never ceases to grow and change, and so never "grows up," because being "grown up" implies an end to growing and changing. Since evolution is always changing - especially for the better, the truly evolved... no, the truly evolving human being never "grows up" and therefore retains that positive aspect of childhood, of Nahtahdjaiz, in their "adult" life.

     Thus, the truly evolving human being understands children and childhood better than the average adult.

By = Reverend Beautiful Pyre

      Never shall you need of worry,
      Always while you play so free,
      Herald of the danger's flurry,
      There, Small One, is Angel Me.
      Always watching over gently,
      Heed me not and freely play,
      Dearest innocent you be,
      Joyous in this sunny day.
      Always watching and protecting,
      In the breeze I float like dust,
      Zealous in this thing I must.

"Field of Innocence"
By = Reverend Beautiful Pyre

Nahtahdjaiz, my Goddess, it only makes sense,
May I come to the Field of Innocence?
We'll run in the grass and climb the tree root,
Our soles are green from going barefoot!

Let us pick flowers of lotus and cherry,
And stain our fingers with messy mulberry!
We'll giggle and play and spin and get dizzy,
Then drink pop that's so very fizzy!

Nahtahdjaiz, my Goddess, don't be so tense,
Shall we come to the Field of Innocence?
We'll swim in the lake and have fun outside,
And I can give you a piggy-back ride!

Let us play dress-up with dresses and hats,
And then we'll have fun with the pussy cats!
If we don't go soon, we're bound to miss out,
We will have fun, of that there's no doubt!

Nahtahdjaiz, my Goddess, it only made sense,
Here we are in the Field of Innocence!
We're picking the flowers of lotus and cherry,
Thank you, Nahtahdjaiz, for making me merry.

"Nahtahdjaiz Familiar"
By = Reverend Beautiful Pyre

Nahtahdjaiz familiar, Nahtahdjaiz so strange,
You are the essence, the essence of change!
Change that's so gleeful, change that's so right,
As you giggle and dance and skip and take flight!

Nahtahdjaiz so pretty, Nahtahdaiz so grand,
You take Life, take Life by the hand!
Life is so special, life is so fun,
Oh how you giggle and dance and run!

Nahtahdjaiz so lovely, Nahtahdjaiz so young,
We've danced and we've loved and we have sung!
You've taught us to love life in every way,
Being awe-struck in wonder at every day!

Nahtahdjaiz so caring, Nahtahdjaiz so kind,
You leave no one, leave no one behind!
You've taught us to feel and let ourselves free,
Release our emotions to let everyone see!
Nahtahdjaiz familiar, Nahtahdjaiz so strange,
You are the Avatar of, Avatar of change!
Change that's so needed, change that's so great,
Help us live in love and cast away hate!

End Notes:

1. This phrase means "Nahtahdjaiz, oh Nahtahdjaiz, Holy in Your Splendor..."
2. Nah'ii'hway being a Yahgahnii term meaning the same as "Nah'tadj'bahn," which is a Trai'pahg'nan'nog (TPNN) term.
3. Tae'nykohl is family love, a TPNN term.

(Short note on Yahgahnii before this next part commences: T is a hard T from Dvencoilii and would normally be said as though spitting the letter out like poison. In Yahgahnii, it is softer but still said similarly, only more like an emphasis than a spitting.)

I leave you, reader of this shrine page, with these parting words:

Ah'wah bah Yoh'wai Oom'bi Mwah'ii'kah Nahtahdjaiz ah'vah'nah Tah'bii gah vwai Tah'ah'bii Shii'thais.
(May the Great Child Goddess Nahtahdjaiz bless You and be Your Guide.)

And now I sign off to You, Nahtahdjaiz, with this traditional TPNN thanks:

Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain

(Many-thanks, You Are The All)

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