The First Church of Stephanie of LazyTown

The Stephuits

The Stephuits

      The Stephuit [steh-foo-it] sect believes that The Stephanie of LazyTown is The Way and The Pink Light, and that Her act of restoring The Sportacus to LazyTown saved us all. We believe that The Stephanie is consort of The Sportacus and that they had many spirit children. How they managed this is, of course, a matter of much debate.

      Stephuits also seek to imitate The Stephanie in an attempt to become like Her, just as Jesuits seek to imitate Christ. Stephuits are fond of wearing pink, and may even wear pink wigs or die their hair pink. Along with the O.S. (Orthodox Scriptures) of the TV "Episodes," Stephuits also listen to the songs on CD or MP3 as a form of religious devotion, seeking to imbibe and even Become the Pink Light.

      Along with the O.S., Stephuits have a variety of supplemental scriptues (often called "LazyTown Fanfiction"), and one major supplemental Scripture:

The Book of The Pink Light of The Stephanie, a Stephuit supplemental scripture by Pope Fayanora of T.F.C.O.S.O.L.

The Stephanie Guides Us

Scripture and Beliefs of Un-Orthodox Western Stephanism

The Stephuits

Rituals of The First Church of Stephanie of LazyTown

A Call To The Faithful To Beseech Magnus and The Producers to Bring Us More Divine Guidance

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